Long-distance move with your pet - how to organize it?


Moving to a new home far away from the city you live in must be a dream come true. That is just why you are going to enjoy it so much. But, there is no way that your furry friend is staying behind, right? That is just fine since you are going to be able to organize your long-distance move with your pet in no time. It’s not a hard thing to do, so you can be sure that everything will be just fine. You have to do everything at the right time so you can be sure that you didn’t forget anything. And last, but not least, you have to make your pet feel good during the move, so it doesn’t get too scared. So start in time and there is nothing to worry about, you will make it just fine.

A long-distance move with your pet- what are the things that you must do?

When you start planning your long-distance move with your pet, you will have to make sure that everything you do is for your pet’s welfare. That includes all kinds of stuff. Before planing the trip, make sure you visit the USDA website and see are there any special requirements when it comes to the move with your pet. If your pet is oversensitive and you know some tricks that will make it feel more comfortable during the move, you should definitely make sure you do them.

Make sure your dog is getting enough break on the road

But, there are many things that you should do no matter what, so you know that everything is going to be ok. Some of these things are:

  • Go to your vet before your long-distance move with your pet
  • Decide how will you be traveling
  • See if you can find some pet-friendly hotels on the way
  • Get a crate or a carrier
  • Bring the favorite toys
  • Plan the potty brakes

Long-distance move, just like any other move is all about the planning. You will need a long-distance move guide to make it easier for you as well. So take as much time you need and make sure you have everything covered. It’s the only way for you to be sure that long-distance move with your pet is going to be a great experience, and not a stressful one.

Vets office is your first stop

The thing is that your vet knows your pet really well, and he knows the medical history as well. In case your pet needs any kind of special treatment before the road, your vet will tell you. So when you are preparing for your long-distance move with your pet, the vest office should be your first stop. You will need to upgrade the microchip, and you should put your new address as well. Get the medical record, since you are going to have to find a new wet once you move. You should do it before hiring some of the best long-distance movers Georgia has for you. That is because your pet might tell you that your pet can’t travel yet.

How will you be traveling?

Once you decide that you are going to move, you have to decide how you will do it as well. You should consider traveling by car or by the place since these are the best ways for your pet to travel. If you decide to take your car, make sure your pet won’t be getting in the way. In case you made a decision of flying by plane, that is great as well. You should allow your pet to be in the cargo with other pets on this flight. That really is the best way to make sure it is going to be fine. It’s quiet and dark in the cargo and that is just why your pet will feel safe there. On the other hand, if you allow it to be in the cabin with you, it might get scared of all the noise and strangers on the flight.

If you are traveling by your car, make sure that your pet won’t bother you while driving

Pet-friendly hotels

In case you decided that you are better off traveling by car, that is great as well. You know your pet better than anyone and you know how it will be stressed the least. So if you decided to take your car, make sure you have at least one pet-friendly hotel on the way that you can spend a night in. Your belongings might be transported by the best nationwide movers Florida has but you will probably be traveling on your own. It is important if your long-distance move with your pet is going to last long. You are going to be too tired for more driving and you should make a stop. Even if you are not sure if you will need to stop, make sure there is a pet-friendly hotel, just in case.

Crate or carrier is mandatory

The thing about long-distance driving is that it needs to be completely safe for you and your pet. That means that you should be sure that you will not be distracted during the ride. And even if you are sure that your pet won’t bother you, you should know that you can cause harm to both of you if your pet gets scared and you make a sudden move. So moving with the pet in the carrier might be the best idea for you.


Your pet might still get stressed during the ride. That is why you should make sure you bring it’s favorite toys and put them in the carrier. This way you will help your pet relax and it can help with the new house as well. If it has it’s toys, your pet is more likely to feel safe in the new house. So once you start your long-distance move packing, don’t forget to pack your pet’s toys. They will be grateful.

Your pet should feel safe in your new home

Potty brakes

If your move has some kind of strict schedule that needs to be followed, you should plan the potty brakes. Make a stop in every couple of hours and make sure that your pet has enough time to do what it needs to do. You will avoid having an accident in your car this way.

A long-distance move with your pet is not going to be stressful if you plan it the right way. That is just what you need to do to make sure that you have a pleasant event while moving. There is nothing to worry about, you are going to be just fine, and so will your pet. All you have to do is take all the time you need and it will be one great move, without a doubt.

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