Packing tips for a long distance move


Any type of move can be really stressful and can even get quite frustrating if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. It means that you are changing the place of living and moving to a different environment. Sometimes, the reason is getting a new job in the new place or getting promoted. But sometimes you just want a fresh start. Packing tips for long distance move should help you make this start easier.

There are a couple of rules when you are moving long-distance

Things you should pay attention to are:

  • the long-distance move will probably require you to downsize and declutter
  • you should make a list of the things you must not forget
  • pack your belongings with care so nothing gets damaged, and this is the main part of packing tips for a long distance move.

These rules will make the move easier since there are no many other things to worry about. And remembering everything in a stressful situation such as this one is not an easy job. Before you start, you need to get the supplies. This means going out and getting: scissors, duct-tape, rope, new boxes, labels, markers, packing peanuts, packing paper, and anything other than this that you might find useful. Before this step, you need to be somewhat aware of the items you are going to pack so you are able to pick the right boxes.

Storing your items is a great idea if you don’t                        want to throw them out

Get rid of the useless items

This is a must when you move and it is mandatory when you are moving long distance. You need to take a good look at everything that you own. There are clothes that are ripped? Throw them out. There are clothes that are in good shape but you haven’t worn them in a while? Donate them or give them to somebody. There are clothes you can’t throw away and you don’t want to give it away? Get a storage unit and keep it there for a while. Make sure to inform on packing tips for a long distance move. This will make your long-distance move much easier. Repete this procedure for every single kind of item in your home.

List the items you must not forget are important when it comes to packing tips for a long distance move

A stressful event like a move can get the best of us, so we sometimes forget a thing or two. Packing tips for a long distance move have many suggestions, and one of the most important is- make lists so you don’t forget something. There are some things we must not forget, so you better make a list. These are usually important documents, like passports and visas since you are moving long distance. The medical record is another thing you don’t want to forget. Your children and pets will need their medical records as well. 

Make a list of the items you need to                                         have by your side

Your ATM cards should be with you all the time. ID and social security card are necessary. Any mortgage-related documents and such should be there. All of the documents that have any value should be packed. Education-related documents will be needed, and the medicine is another must. Valuable items can go with you if possible. Pretty much everything else is replaceable and it’s not too big of a deal to lose it.

Now we can get to packing

Lond distance move is not as easy as local one since you need to cross a long way to your new home. This means that it is more expensive as well, so you need to be careful how you pack your items. Make sure to pack them in such a way that they take up as little room as possible. If you are not sure you can do this by yourself, get the professional packing help.

Clothes can be packed easily

Clothes are great for packing for the long distance move since you can just cramp them in a box without worrying. They won’t damage or break. But, since it is a long distance move, you should consider using the vacuum bags so they take up the minimal space possible. Clothes can be used as packing supplies as well but you should avoid that. Make sure all the clothes are washed and cleaned before packing.

You can use your clothes as packing supplies                         but this can damage them

Packing tips for a long distance move- Delicate items

Delicate items are the ones that could damage and break. Dining plates, cups and glasses, paintings and frames, bottles and similar breakable items should be packed separately. Make sure you have the right boxes and use enough of the packing supplies like packing peanuts and paper. When you pack the items, make sure they can’t move inside of the box. The long-distance move takes time and they can damage by moving in the box.

Once you pack them, get the duct tape and close the box carefully so it won’t open. When it comes to packing delicate items, you need to make sure that the boxes are new. Do not use old boxes since they might break and your belongings will damage. New boxes can be bought ina home depot stores and moving companies sell the too. Make sure you label your delicate items box with “this side up” sign and notify the movers that the delicate items are inside of these boxes. If you want your delicate items taken care of properly, hire long distance moving companies Alabama.

Make sure your delicate items are                                         packed well enough

TV and the other tech

TV and other devices are very sensitive when it comes to being punched, and they damage easily. Big screen TV is especially exposed to being damaged. If you have the original box with styrofoam accessories, that is the best wat to transport it. In case you threw that one out, get another box. You need to make sure you pack it in the right box. These boxes can be found in home depot shops and moving companies are selling them as well. Make sure you follow the instructions and be careful that the TV can’t move inside a box at all. Make sure the long distance movers Georgia know that TV is in the box so they are careful with moving it.

Packing for the long distance move can be stressful but if you concentrate and be careful enough, you will do a great job and finish the packing in no time. Just make sure to inform as much as you can about all the things you can do to make this transition as easy as possible.

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