Tips for speeding up the moving process


Moving time is a part of everyone’s life. During this process, you should be focused and prepared properly. But what will you do if you need to move in a short time? It is very simple. If you stick to our tips for speeding up the moving process, you can be sure that you will have a smooth move. In other words, you can move properly, even if you are in a hurry. You just need to do what you do in the normal process.

Why is speeding up the moving process so important?

The faster you leave your apartment, the faster you can complete the entire stressful process of moving! In other cases, it is not a choice, and circumstances make you move to another apartment faster than you expect. Whatever the reason, it is possible to speed up the process of moving.

When speeding up the moving process, the trick is to do the tasks in the right order

The tips to help you do this

1. Start packing early

You may not think that it matters how early you begin to pack things, as long as everything is ready on a moving day, and to an extent that it is true. However, if you start early, you will have enough time to deal with your things. It also gives you time to clean those extra things that you never use or need. Getting rid of things early will mean that you have to move fewer things later. Invest this time before the really stressful process of moving with one of the long distance moving companies Alabama starts to take up all your time and thoughts.

2. Be organized

A systematic packing process can greatly increase your efficiency on the day you move. Organize all your boxes by rooms and make sure you know what’s in each. You can mark the boxes with all the items that are in them, number the boxes. And keep the list of items separately or even take a picture of everything that is included in each box. Any organization can save you a lot of time flipping through the boxes later, wondering where everything went.

3. But do not overthink it

In order to be methodical and organize things, you need a lot of time in advance, which later you will catch up with less hassle. However, it is easy to spend too much time and energy on organizing things. If you spend too much time, you will create overly complex systems that are either not needed or take longer than they will save you later. You take things in one place and move them to another place. And sometimes you just need to focus on getting them there and not being too smart in the process.

4. Set priorities ruthlessly

There are always a lot of things that you need to do when moving, but not all of them should be done perfectly. Is it necessary that all your clothes are neatly packed, or can you just throw them in trash bags and unload in a new place? Set priorities in such a way as to save your time and effort for the things that really require your full time and attention.

There are many fragile items that need to be packed properly

5. Consolidate your stuff

Do you already have things in the drawers? Leave them in the drawers and wrap them all in plastic wrap so that they do not open. While you are doing this, add more items to the drawers and do the same with the bookshelves. Have traveling bags? Load them, especially with heavier items that are easier to move on the wheels. Use your shirts, sweaters, and towels as packing material, rather than paper — anything to get more stuff in fewer containers. You can do all that before your long distance movers Georgia arrive.

6. Ask for help

This is probably the most important way of speeding up the moving process: get as much help as you can. Bribe your friends with beer and pizza, hire professional packers or any more creative way to attract more people. The more people you have with the boxes, the faster everything goes.

7. Move some things early

Does your rental start before the big moving day? Then start moving things in advance. Even if it’s just a pair of boxes or suitcases, everything you do before you move means that you need to do less on that day. Ask your new landlord to tell when the apartment will be available. If it is a couple of days before the day of the move, you will have more time.

8. Prepare everything the night before

You do not need to do anything on the day of the move. Except for the move - this is already a rather difficult task. Everything from packing your garage to repairing holes in the walls and packing all the latest toiletries should be done the night before.

Save some of the things you need on that night or the next morning, in a small suitcase or bag and put everything else in the box. You should also confirm the rental of the truck and make sure your friends know what time to come the next day. Your goal is to be able to go straight from waking to carrying boxes on the day you move. Everything else you have to do will slow you down.

Make sure that your most valuable things are always with you, so they don’t get lost

9. Pack a truck strategically

When packing a truck, first load all your furniture and other heavy items, and then put the boxes and bags. Continue to load items from the largest to the smallest to fit all the big boxes. Anything that you throw into the garbage bags can fit in the corners left by the boxes, maximizing how much you can fit in the truck. If you need something right away in a new place, save it until the very end. This will be the last thing that gets into the truck, and the first one that will be unloaded.

Saving time packing and moving is not difficult. You just need to know what to do. And with our tips for speeding up the moving process, you will finish everything before you know it.

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