5 Ways to make a new house feel like home after moving in


Trying to make a new house feel like home after moving in is always a difficult job. Even when you finish unpacking and arranging your belongings in the new house, it just doesn’t feel quite like home. This usually lasts for a while, and that is ok, but sometimes it lasts for months and you will feel like it’s time to put some effort into dealing with it.

Start before the feeling of living in an unfamiliar house kicks in

This is important just because it can prevent you from feeling like this in the first place. After you moved in, check if everything arrived undamaged. Use long distance movers Georgia to be certain your belongings are taken care of. Once you did that, unpack as soon as possible. Avoid having to look at unpacked boxes for a long period of time because it will remind you that you just moved in all the time.

Do not ignore the feeling of dissociation with the new house

Having this kind of feeling is not a thing you should ignore. It can lead to depression and can make you regret moving in the first place. You should not let that happen because you might be having a great new life at a new place. This is especially common for persons that move long distance. Avoiding having trouble with moving companies is a great start. Long distance moving companies Alabama will absolutely make sure you don’t lose any important memory you brought with yourself.

The feeling of dissociation can lead to depression

What can you do to make a new house feel like home after moving in?

If you made sure you followed through all the advice on how to not get the feeling of dissociation, and still got it, there are other ways to eliminate the feeling of living in someone else’s space:

  • Making space for your memories can surely help you make a new house feel like home after moving in
  • Getting a pet to keep you company
  • Try cooking for yourself
  • Have some guests come over
  • Declutter

Every one of these ways to make the house feel like home can be helpful, you just need to find yours.

1. Hang and display whatever feels like home

Memories, especially childhood memories are the most powerful tool when you are trying to make a new house feel like home after moving in. So use them in every way you can. Display anything that reminds you of home, like pictures of your family, a high school diploma, a lamp you got from a friend, or any other item that will wake up the memories of home each time you look at them. This is why it is very important not to get your stuff damaged while transporting them, so you should use a professional packing service. Even art can be a good choice to hang on the wall since just looking at art can help ease stress and anxiety. If having plants makes you feel more at home, do that. Any visual stimulation that makes you feel more comfortable is a good choice.

Display the memories of home

2. Get a pet, it will help you make a new house feel like home after moving in

Only do this if you have enough time to look after it. Having a pet for the sole purpose of having a pet is not a good idea. But, if you decided to get a dog, a cat, some kind of gerbil or a fish, choose the kind that suits you the best. Think about what kind of temper will fit you and what size of the pet would suit you. You can find out the breeds and typical behavioral traits in each of them. Having a pet to come home to can be a gamechanger in the way you feel about the new home. Getting to go home to someone who is excited to see you is beautiful and can make you feel at home. You can even bring a pet you had at home, but make sure you inform on how to move with a pet.

Pet can make you feel like home in no time

3. Spend time in the kitchen

Cooking yourself a homemade meal is a great way to get to know your home or at least a kitchen. Spending time in each room is important to get a feeling of being home. Kitchen is no exception. Especially if you used to spend time in the kitchen of your old home, cooking with your family. Making a meal will make the house smell like home too, and the sense of smell is an extremely powerful tool to get your emotions on the right path. Once you start cooking you will feel like being at home in no time. Get the recipes from the family members and try cooking the meals that remind you of them.

Spend more time in the kitchen

4. Guest are more than welcome

If you don’t quite feel like home, invite people who will feel even less so. This is a simple rule that will help you make a new house feel like home after moving in. Showing of your house to other people and feeling like you are in charge will give you the feeling of being on your own ground. Having guests over to watch a movie is a great idea. Maybe you have a pool table so you can play. If you own a pool table, make sure you use special moving company service that deals with this kind of transport.

Invite some guests over

5. Taking care of the house will help

Make sure your home is not messy. Declutter on the regular bases and make sure everything looks nice. This will give you the feeling of taking care of the house, and the fact that you care about it will make it feel more like home. Other than this, it will give you less time to think about the old home and that helps to get used to the new home.

Having a chance to move will give you an opportunity to get creative and make yourself a perfect home. So dealing with the feeling of detachment with the house you live in is not acceptable in the long run. Make sure you do everything to get used to the space you live in. You will feel better every time you walk through the door.


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