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The relocation process takes a lot of time, planning and organizing. It also causes a lot of stress and gives us headaches. However, whether you are making a short or long-distance move, you will have to sort out your budget, make checklists and prepare everything at least a few weeks before the moving day. Moving on short notice is even more challenging! Since you won’t have as much time, you will have to use it wisely in order to finish every task before a professional mover arrives!

Things to know about moving on short notice

It is what it is! You will have to accept the situation and handle it. Take a deep breath, calm down and then start writing what are the things that you will have to take care of as soon as possible. Searching for and booking a professional mover immediately is a good idea.

Make a checklist with important tasks

Hiring a professional moving company is a must if you are moving on short notice. A professional mover will assist you with a moving process and significantly reduce your moving stress. Let’s see what do you have to do in order to successfully finish every task before the moving day.

  • First things first! Organize!
  • Hire a Professional Moving Company
  • Declutter
  • Get Packing Materials
  • Consider Renting a Storage Space
  • Ask Friends for Help
  • What not to pack?

Moving on short notice - organize!

Make a checklist with important tasks! You should finish one or two things every day. Your family should be involved in the moving process also. Each one of your family members should get a few tasks too. Put a checklist on a visible place, such as refrigerator, and you won’t miss finishing any of the tasks on the list! Time is priceless in this situation. Therefore, you can finish one task right before the work or on your way home, each day.

Hire a professional moving company

If none of your friends and family can’t recommend a professional mover, you should start searching on your own. Search for highest rated movers and check their websites. Read the reviews and decide. A professional mover has a license and years of experience in the moving industry. They will also calculate the costs of your move in advance. You won’t have to worry about hidden costs at the end of the move. A professional moving company offers plenty of moving services. Some of those services are:


Declutter before packing! Go through each room and make a list of things that you don’t need anymore. If you haven’t used something for a year or two, that means that you won’t use it anymore. Get rid of old shoes, clothes, and also, furniture. However, if some of the items are in good condition, you should donate them or give them to your friends and neighbors.

Get packing materials

If you are not getting full-moving services from your professional mover, you will have to get packing materials as soon as possible. You can purchase boxes and packing supplies from the professional mover and/or through online shops. However, if you want to save some money, you can always ask your friends if they have some boxes and packing supplies at home. You can also ask for free cardboard boxes in the stores nearby.

Search for some free cardboard boxes in the nearby stores

Instead of bubble wrap, you can use towels, blankets, and clothes. If the item is sensitive and fragile, use towels to wrap them up (things such as tv, mirrors, etc.). Wrap glassware in clothes before you put them into the box. You probably won’t have time for proper labeling, but, every box that contains glass or sensitive items should be marked “FRAGILE” on each side.

Consider renting a storage space

Do you want to keep some of your belongings but there won’t be space for them at your new apartment? No problem! Ask your professional mover about their storage services. If they can not provide any, they will point you out to some good storage facilities. What kind of storage unit you might need depends on the items you are planning to store. Some items require special care so in this case, a climate-controlled unit is the best solution. Figure out how many items do you want to store and pick the perfect size of storage space.

Ask friends for help

Our friends are here to share good and bad moments with us! To help us go through tough periods but also to enhance our bright days with their presence! Therefore, do not hesitate to call and ask your friends to help you execute your residential move! Would you help your friends if the help is badly needed? Of course, you would! With your friends, some snacks and nice music, the packing will be a piece of cake!

Ask your friends for help as soon as you can

Moving on Short Notice - What not to pack?

If you are hiring a professional mover, you should know that there are some items that your mover won’t move. Those items are:

  • Hazardous materials (corrosive, flammable or explosive items)
  • Perishables (open containers, frozen, refrigerated or fresh food). You should try to use all the food you have before the moving day.
  • Pets. Search for professional pet movers.
  • Plants. Give plants to your friends and neighbors.
  • Valuable Items. You should keep money, passport, jewelry, documents, and other important items with you, all the time!

Moving on short notice is challenging but not impossible! In order to finish everything on time and without problems, you should follow these tips! Believe in yourself and you will make it! Have a good move and best of luck!

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