The most common DIY moving mistakes you should avoid


Moving isn’t what most people think of when they want to have fun. Relocating from one residence to another takes time, effort, and money, so hiring moving services Boynton beach can be your best choice. We can make your next move easier and less stressful, even far more cost-effective than a DIY move. And how can we do that? Read on for all the DIY moving mistakes you should avoid and you will realize how efficient hiring professional movers can be.

1. You have a huge collection of – well, everything!

Over the years, you’ve collected an impressive (and massive!) collection of clothing, books, magazines, kitchen tools, but most importantly – all sorts of knick-knacks. You’re not quite a hoarding person just yet (hopefully), but we could call you a collector of DIY moving mistakes you should avoid. And since you were collecting them for quite some time, why wouldn’t you move all your possessions to your new home?

Moving across state lines also means that gas and parking costs will add up
  • How to avoid it: Before you start packing, take a few days to go through your home, identifying items that you haven’t used in the last year or two. Getting rid of those unused items is not only mentally liberating, but it can also save you money and time. How? You’ll actually have to pay less for moving less stuff, thus having a lighter weight to haul! Not to mention you’ll spend less time packing and unpacking before our interstate movers FL arrive. Take photos of sentimental memorabilia that you no longer need or have a place for. Then donate or sell anything that you no longer want from the rest of the pile.

2. DIY moving mistakes you should avoid – Procrastination!

You know that moving requires a substantial amount of planning, but you figure that things will come together quickly once you get started. This is one of the biggest DIY moving mistakes you should avoid. Thinking that you can simply throw your stuff in moving boxes then easily tape it all up in a matter of hours can quickly become your worst nightmare!

  • How to avoid it: Begin planning early, starting with a moving checklist and even packing little by little. Conducting a relocation has multiple steps, from choosing a moving company to preparing your possessions for moving day. Create a checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything in the mess and excitement. And if you’re moving during a busy time of year for moving companies, which happens during spring and summer relocations, it is smart to book your moving company even further in advance.
Read online reviews and consider recommendations from friends

3. DIY moving mistakes you should avoid: Equating a DIY relocation with saving money

You might think that renting a moving vehicle and asking your friends to help you carry your boxes will save you a ton of cash. And how is that one of the DIY moving mistakes you should avoid? Some moves can make sense financially, depending on the distance you’re moving and if you’re hauling a heavyweight, but most DIY relocations are risky because they are done so superficially. That is why a proper move requires the services of a professional moving company.

  • How to avoid it: Consider what a reliable professional moving company offers that you can’t achieve if you’re doing all the work yourself. Depending on your contract with the company, you may get valuation protection, liability coverage, and some type of insurance. That means you’ll be covered (at least partially) if your stuff gets damaged or lost. Experienced moving companies may also add into the package their expert packing services for delicate items and disassembly of large furniture.

4. Don’t forget to keep an inventory list!

Some of the most important DIY moving mistakes you should avoid is not making sure you thoroughly wrap delicate items and making anyone box too heavy. You might think you’re good to go until you realize that you have no idea what you have packed in any of the boxes! That unpacking process is sure going to be messy, chaotic and overwhelming if you forget to put labels where they’re due!

  • How to avoid it: As you are packing, make a list of what you’re putting in each box. Put a number on each box and label their contents. Also, mark what room of your new house they should go in. So you’ll have a solid system for locating all your stuff. Making an inventory will save you a lot of that precious time when you unpack. It will help you visualize your items and make sure that the movers didn’t leave anything behind. You’ll have a list of your possessions on hand. In case you need to file a claim with your home insurance company.
Read your contract carefully before you sign it

5. DIY moving mistakes to avoid – Not preparing an essentials box

So you have properly labeled your boxes, and you’re feeling super organized and good to go. But how will you get through your first days in your new home without some of your crucial necessities? Especially if you have forgotten to transfer the utilities. And now that’s postponed your unpacking while you wait for them to be turned on?

  • How to avoid it: Pack a suitcase (or a box, or a few) that contains everything you’ll need for the first few days in your new house. That means your toothbrush, toothpaste, cosmetics, toilet paper, soap, medicine, water bottles, snacks, pajamas, linens, laptop, and pet food. These are just a few necessary items that Authority Moving Group recommends, but you should make a list for yourself. Also, you’ll need a pair of scissors to open your boxes once you’ve moved!

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