Downsides of friends helping you unpack


Let’s face it - moving and packing are not fun or easy things to do. You will have to start preparing much before the moving day arrives and you will still need some help with the actual move. That is just not something you can do by yourself. And there is always the question - do I hire professional movers or do I ask friends and family for help? Friends and family can be useful and helpful, obviously, but is it really a good idea to ask them for this kind of favor? Sure, there are some things they can help you with, but you should choose to do this only if you absolutely must. Too many cooks will spoil the soup, so it’s better that you are the only cook there, among the moving professionals. Downsides of friends helping you unpack are something you need to keep on your mind.

There are some pros of asking friends for help

Friends will probably be there for you if you ask them to help. And they won’t charge you a penny for giving you a hand. Also, they will genuinely care about your belongings so they will try really hard not to damage any. Getting your friends to help you could be a nice way of saying goodbye to everybody. And it could make this entire experience fun. Still, hiring residential movers is a much better choice. And there are many facts to support this claim.

Getting help from your friends have some pros as well

There are more downsides of friends helping you unpack

Even if it sounds like a much better idea than getting the professional moving help, it’s not. And there are many reasons why. There is a solid reason for professional movers to exist in the first place. So think about this if you ever decide to get help from your friends instead of professionals. Here are some of the main downsides of friends helping you unpack:

  • One of the main downsides of friends helping you unpack is that they are not as reliable as professionals
  • Moving injuries are common, especially when conducted by the people who are not professionals
  • Loss or damage to your belongings can’t be charged, and there will be damage, take my word for it
  • Who is going to help you unload the moving truck?
  • Every single decision you make will be reviewed by everyone again and again
  • And the bottom line i - your friends would probably do something else instead of having to move you

So, the downsides of friends helping you unpack are obvious. And if you need some fragile and valuable items moved, do not even think about getting help from your friends. Get a special service. It is the one and only way to make sure that nothing will get broken. And if it does, you have somebody to hold accountable for it.

Your friends are not as reliable

Downsides of friends helping you unpack are that they are simply not doing it for money so they won’t feel as obligated to show up on time. This could make the whole moving process late and you will be in trouble. These things just happen when others don’t understand how important it is to be there on time. Hiring packing service and moving service is better. It means everything will be done in time.

Your friends might be late and that will affect the move

Someone could get injured

Moving injuries are very common and you don’t want your friends to get injured. While moving, you will have to pick up and lift some heavy items like furniture and somebody can get hurt easily. Avoiding this is crucial since you will feel really bad if it does happen. This is the first and the most important reason you should avoid getting help from your friends.

Loss or damage will happen at some point

When it comes to your friends moving your belongings, there is a large possibility that something is going to get broken. Your friends are simply not qualified or trained to move you. And this can make the situation uncomfortable, especially if the broken item was valuable. It’s even worse if something personal gets broken. Then you can’t even get a new one. This will be remembered as a bad day for everyone and you don’t want that.

Friends helped you load the truck - now what?

So your friends helped and you packed the moving truck or your car. And you arrived at the destination or your new home. Now what? You will have to unload the truck or the car all by yourself and unpack as well. If you hire moving help, you will have help on both ends of the move. Better hire the movers and auto transport so you don’t have to drive at all. And you will have help on both sides of the move.

You don’t decide alone

When you are moving with the people you know, everybody is entitled to say what they mean. And they do wish to help you, but you should have the last word. This can get stressful and that is one of the downsides of friends helping you unpack. Professional movers will only give you the opinion if asked. So get the Bellhops app and get the right moving company for you. It is the best choice you can make.

Helping you move is not the first choice for anybody

If you ask, all of your friends will agree to come and help. But, nobody really wants to do that. There are so many fun things a person can do in the spare time, and moving a friend is just not one of them. Do not take it personally, but that is just the fact. Getting a professional service is better, at least they get some money.

Your friends will come and help you out of curtesy but they would probably do something else

Moving is going to be hard so make sure you get some kind of help, well, any kind of help. But, if you are able to hire professional movers, do that. Downsides of friends helping you unpack are numerous so make sure you make the right decision.

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