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Start preparing for your move on time by looking into top packing supplies for a long distance move to Georgia. You are in the right place because you can begin with our best moving supplies list. We know some people struggle with the type and amount of supplies they need, so our long distance movers Georgia have created a list of top packing supplies for a long distance move that you can refer to as you prepare to move. If you think you can just gather boxes from your local grocery store, think again. Having the right packing and moving supplies before you start packing can make or break your move. So read on for a full guide to collecting top packing supplies for a long distance move.

Can my moving company provide me with packing supplies?

It is very tempting to simply reach out to your moving company and get all your moving supplies at once. After all, reaching out to long distance moving companies Alabama is an easy one-stop-shop. And you quickly get all your boxes, tape, and everything else you can think of. However, it is never bad if you manage to save some money while trying to gather all the top packing supplies for a long distance move. And you can usually save money by getting most of your supplies elsewhere. But if that turns out to be too complicated for you, you can also save money by renting some supplies from your moving company rather than buying them.

Get the answers to some frequently asked questions about moving supplies below, then keep reading to find our ultimate list of moving supplies.

How many boxes will I need?

You should use an online calculator to get a guess on how many boxes you’ll need for your house or the apartment. Take your estimate freely and allow some wiggle room, however, because you may need more or fewer boxes in the end. It all depends on many things you own. As a rule of thumb, it’s better to overestimate than to have to run out of boxes late at night before your move.

How much will all these top packing supplies for long distance move cost me?

This is very important because people usually forget to account for the price of moving supplies when they are working out their moving budget. Top packing supplies for a long distance move can add up quickly, so be sure to include them when preparing your budget.

  • The price of your moving supplies will depend on what you buy or rent. When people are making a local move, for example, they won’t need a padlock since they won’t have the need to leave things in the truck overnight. Likewise, you may already own certain items, like a toolbox or cargo straps.
  • The cost also depends on how many items you have to move and what kind of relocation you go for. Obviously, the more boxes you’re going to transport, the more supplies you’ll need. Note that when you opt for a full-service move, your package will include most of these top packing supplies for a long distance move. By the same logic, you will spend more of your moving budget on supplies if you do a DIY move.
  • With all of this information in mind, we are not able to give you a definitive answer to how much you’ll spend on supplies. However, we can offer a rough range. If you already have plenty of packaging supplies and manage to obtain free boxes, you might have to spend just $50. Even if you opt for a DIY move. If you need to buy absolutely everything, on the other hand, you might spend as much as $500. But usually, the majority of people will fall somewhere in between.
Our list tells you what supplies you need to make your relocation easier and how to use them.

These are the essential top packing supplies for a long distance move you can’t do without

Boxes are basically the most important moving supply you’ll need. We recommend acquiring a variety of sizes and types for maximizing packing efficiency. You will need small boxes for heavy items like books but large boxes for light, bulky items such as pillows or blankets. Medium boxes paired with box dividers work perfectly for fragile items like dishes.

If you want to save money and can separate the time to do some online research, you can often find free boxes on Freecycle or Craigslist. People are prone to listing their used moving boxes after they unpack them. Remember that used boxes often do not have the structural integrity that new boxes would, so if you choose them, pack carefully.

Top packing supplies for the long distance move: Cushioning materials

The newspaper will provide you that frugal option if you are in desperate need to save some bucks. They are a less efficient option, though. This material won’t have the cushioning effect of proper packing supplies at all. So skip it for really delicate items.

Packing tape

Avoid the cheapest packing tape options that you can find. You should really spend a few dollars more on quality tape. Cheap tape often lacks that great sticking power. And while you might think you do not need a lot of tapes, you’ll actually use a lot more than you’d expect.

Cargo straps or rope

Use cargo straps or rope to keep your items in place and prevent them from shifting around. Unsecured items will move freely on the moving truck and risk causing damage. Cargo straps will allow you to secure your items to the walls of the moving truck or to each other.

If you’re transporting furniture, you’ll want these supplies:

Use furniture pads to protect your bigger pieces of furniture. You can, of course, buy furniture pads, however, we recommend you rent them. You can find a dozen pads for $10 - $20 from your mover. That is around the same cost as buying just one pad.

Use foam wrap sheets in order to protect fragile items. Bubble wrapping your oddly-shaped works well breakables should work like a charm.

Dollies and hand trucks

Rent hand trucks and furniture dollies from a moving company instead of buying them. There are dollies and hand trucks available for less than $20. Which is far cheaper than it would be to buy one. If you have lots of stairs, consider hiring Authority Moving and we’ll bring all the wearable moving straps instead and dollies your move requires. These top packing supplies for long distance move make it easier for you and your family to move quickly and safely. Make sure you have a smooth relocation by relying on us!

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