Guide for packing and moving your king size bed


While your home is filled with lots of large furniture and objects, none of them can compare with the volume of your bed! From the mattress and drawer to the frame and headboard, moving the bed and mattress is not an easy task. Especially if you do this without the help of professionals. The good news: we are here to help you. If you are moving down the street or across the country, here are some tips for successfully packing and moving your king size bed.

With these tips, packing and moving your king size bed will be a piece of cake

Is your bed worth moving?

It is a good idea to deal with all household items and personal items in advance and decide which ones are worth moving to your new home. When it comes to moving your king size bed, you need to consider several important factors:

The general condition of the bed

If your bed is relatively new or very well preserved, if you find it comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, then you have every reason to spend the money and effort necessary to move it. On the other hand, if your old bed is very worn, damaged or just not to your liking, it makes no sense to move it to a new place.


Take accurate measurements of the bed frame and find out if it fits through doors, corridors, stairs and sharp turns of both your old property and your new residence. Moreover, make sure that your old bed will match your new home design. If any of the above conditions are not met, it may be better to get rid of your large and heavy bed before moving.


If you are moving locally, it is logical to take all the furniture with you. However, if you move long distances, you will have to send heavy household items expensively. In addition, the risk of damage increases significantly when they are on the road for many days. Thus, if your bed is not a family heirloom or has a high sentimental value, you can consider selling it or putting it in storage Florida before moving.

Pros of packing and moving your king size bed without hiring professionals

Moving the bed and mattress yourself is a good idea for several reasons: a) you will save a ton of money without hiring movers. In fact, hiring a professional relocation company to relocate your home can cost thousands, depending on how far and what you are moving; and b) moving the bed yourself will give you complete control over the move. If the bed is in some ways antique or valuable, you can choose the best way to pack it and move it to your new home.

What you need to know before you begin packing and moving your king size bed

First, consider its size. A king-size bed is more likely to be easier to move than a queen-size bed. This is because the king-sized spring box is usually divided into two separate spring boxes, and the king-sized mattress is often split. However, most queen size spring boxes and mattresses are not divided. This can make it difficult to maneuver up and down stairs through narrow corridors and corners.

What do you need

  • Mattress bags to protect all mattresses and box springs from water, dust and general wear during the move.
  • Friends! You will need an extra set of hands to help you bring the mattress, spring box and frame down the stairs and through the doorways. You may also need help lifting the bed into a moving truck.
  • Bubble pack and tape.
  • Moving belts if you need help lifting.
  • A rental trolley if your bed is especially heavy.
  • A screwdriver or wrench to disassemble the bed.
  • Plastic bag to ensure the safety of all the nuts and bolts of the bed after disassembly.
Pay special attention to providing the right protection for your mattress

What size truck needs to be rented

To move the bed and mattress yourself, you will need a suitable truck for the job. For those few who are unlucky and have no truck friends, you can rent a closed truck or van from any number of places. To better understand what size truck you will need, see a few options:

  • 8ft pickup - able to accommodate a double bed
  • Cargo van - able to accommodate a royal mattress
  • A 10-foot enclosed moving truck capable of accommodating a one or two-bedroom home.

How to move a bed

Taking a bed apart is pretty simple. Wash and pack all bedding, pillows, and blankets first. After they are assembled and the bed is unfolded, pack the mattress and spring in the appropriate mattress bags. Gently carry each item to the truck. Make sure you have a friend to help.

After the mattresses and box springs come off, you can begin to disassemble the bed frame. Here you can use a screwdriver or a universal wrench. Be sure to store all screws and small parts in a rugged and reliable bag. We recommend tightly wrapping the bed frame and headboard in bubble pack or moving blankets for protection. Thus, they will not beat your walls, taking them out. This will also prevent damage to your bed.

Other options for packing and moving your king size bed

Moving container

Need to temporarily store the bed before or during the move? Then choosing a moving container to move your bed and mattress might be the right option. All you have to do is load the moving container with your bed and mattress, and the container shipping company will do the rest.


If you need to deliver your bed and mattress to your new home as quickly as possible, bed delivery may be your fastest option. When transporting the bed, make sure that you pay special attention to proper packing and protection of the mattress, spring box, bed frame and head of the bed. This will prevent damage to your belongings during an occasionally rough long-distance move. To send your bed, we suggest contacting various online service providers.

Hire professionals for packing and moving your king size bed

Of course, you can always hire specialists to do the work! Although hiring a professional moving company can cost you more money, it can ultimately keep you sane. Most likely, these professionals have moved quite a few beds in their lives. And with a lot of this experience under their belts, you can bet that the move will be more efficient.

Where can you find the professionals to pack and move your king size bed?

To find the best moving company to handle your upcoming move, you can search the Internet for reliable interstate movers FL. Most moving companies are licensed and insured, so you can be sure that packing and moving your king size bed will be in safe hands. Good luck and happy moving!


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