When should you start preparing for an interstate move?


Moving to another country is a massive leap, to say the least. You basically uproot your whole life when you start living in another country. And preparing for an interstate move takes time, as well as great organizational skills. Suffice it to say that preparation is key if you want your relocation to go by smoothly.

But when are you supposed to start preparing for the big move? Before you contact quality interstate movers Florida or whichever state you’re from offers, you need to handle a few things first. Take a look at this moving out of state checklist to learn what these things are.

Visit your target country at least once before preparing for an interstate move

Before you rush to search for moving services Boynton Beach or wherever you’re from, you should first assess the lay of the land, so to speak. This is the fun part of this interstate moving checklist: visit your target country tourist-style.

Do you see yourself living here?

You should go explore the city or town you’ll move into at least a little. Take in the atmosphere, look around for interesting venues and places. You want to see if you feel comfortable staying there for a long time. If you can see yourself living there: that’s great! Then you’ll know that you should start planning your cross-state move.

Find a place to move into and learn more about it

So, you’ve established that you’ve found the place for you. Now it’s time to get into more detail. Reading about your target place online is a terrific, easily doable idea. If you’re moving from Florida to South Carolina, let’s say, make sure you learn as much as you can. However, there’s more you could do.

For one, you should learn more about good real estate there. Consider contacting a local realtor to show you the ropes. They should be more than well-informed about great property in that area. If possible, you could also rent living quarters there. Six months should be enough for you to learn a lot about the town.

Find the best interstate movers for you

You have the “where” of preparing for an interstate move, but you also need a “how.” And the solution for that is to hire the best professional service for you.

The best company that you can hire will depend on a wide variety of factors. For example, if you’re looking for interstate movers in Florida, look for a few signs of quality. Experience, license, price, and range of services are a few key things to keep in mind. Gauge what kind of help you need and act accordingly.

Plan your packing before preparing for a state to state move

Those who know how to prepare for an interstate move understand the importance of not wasting time. And packing is something that people always seem to put off until the very last minute. It may be hard, boring work, but it will only get worse the more you procrastinate. We don’t want to do that, so plan out exactly when and how you’ll pack.

In terms of how you should pack your belongings, you can go about it in a few ways. You can go about it yourself, but also consider professional packing services to get it done the right way. If you go it alone, do it methodically. That means packing one room at a time, packing non-essentials first, and getting rid of what you don’t need. You could also make a checklist for your international moving supplies to keep track of them.

Determine your budget

Now it’s time to crunch some numbers. Calculate how much you would have to spend on everything move-related. Then, see how those costs compare to the maximum amount of money you’re willing to spend. Try to cut costs wherever possible, but don’t settle for the worst to do so.

Here’s an extra tip for those who are relocating for their job. Talk to your employer and find out whether they can cover a portion of your costs. If so, then you’ll have an easier time balancing your budget.

Write down all possible expenses and tally them up

What spendings to plan for

Not sure how to prepare for a long-distance move’s spendings? Here are some points to help you compile a list of your own.

  • moving supplies (tape, boxes, supplies, and padding);
  • temporary housing or storage space;
  • hiring movers after preparing for an interstate move;
  • extra cash in case of emergencies or unforeseen accidents;
  • costs of travel (food, gas, plane/bus tickets, lodging, etc.);
  • cleaning your prior place of residence;
  • due bills (both at your old and new home);
  • vehicle checkup and oil/gas costs.

Gather the supplies you’ll need for an interstate move

You’ll want to spend as little money on your moving supplies as possible. Of course, this only applies if you want to prepare for an interstate move without professionals. To that end, you should visit your local supermarkets/convenience stores, which often have excess boxes and other materials. If there aren’t any nearby, liquor stores and office supplies stores are viable options, too.

Nine times out of ten, these establishments are itching to rid themselves of these extra supplies. Odds are they will gladly give them to you free of charge. Not only that, but they’ll likely have a wide selection of different box shapes, too. You’ll surely have to buy some supplies, but you’ll wind up saving a great deal of cash.

You will need a lot of these


The best time is to start preparing for an interstate move is - on time. To that end, there isn’t really such a thing as “too soon.” As long as you have a residence singled out and the means of packing and transportation planned out, you’re free to begin. The more you organize before preparing, the easier a time you’ll have once you start.

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