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Although it’s one of the smaller states, South Carolina has a lot to offer. Whether you are moving close to the beach or more north, this state has something for everyone. If you are moving from Florida to South Carolina for your career or simply in search of new adventures, there are some things you have to know. Any move is difficult, especially one that takes you to a different state. However, we can make it easy for you. Read our guide to know everything you need to before you relocate from Florida to South Carolina.

Consider the climate when moving from Florida to South Carolina

If you are relocating to the coast of South Carolina, you should be prepared for the climate. Temperatures are similar to those in Florida, with hot and humid summers and mild winters. There are also many tropical cyclones and thunderstorms, and even an occasional tornado. While the temperature on the coast rarely goes below 60 degrees in the winter, more inland areas get a lot colder. Some areas even experience snow, which is quite a change from those mild and dry Florida winters. If quick changes in temperature affect your health, you should reconsider relocating to South Carolina. On the other hand, it can be the ideal choice for those who like to experience both hot summers and snowy winters.

Find the perfect weather for you in South Carolina.

For an interstate move, you should hire a professional moving company. While it may seem easy, there are many things to consider, and you should save your time for more important things. Let experts do what they do best while you decide how to relax after the move.

Golfing is just as important

Living in Florida, you know how much its residents enjoy golfing. It is not just a sport and a pastime, but also an opportunity to socialize and make connections. Lucky for you, South Carolina is just as crazy about the game. There are dozens of golf courses in the Palmetto State, fit for a beginner as well as a professional. You can even take a golfing tour which will take you to all the best places to golf along the coast. Whatever your preference, you will enjoy the green in South Carolina.

You can meet people at the golf course and make business contacts.

Cost of living when moving from Florida to South Carolina

What might surprise you is that the cost of living in South Carolina is cheaper by 13% than the national average. Moreover, it is 30% lower than some of the country’s most expensive states, such as Hawaii and New York. Additionally, the state puts a big emphasis on manufacturing and agriculture. This is why food and other consumer products are so cheap. There is no need to import them from other states.

You will also know that you are getting the freshest ingredients possible since most are locally grown. Also, the average household income in South Carolina is around $40,000, which is more than enough for a comfortable lifestyle in this state. All the money you set aside when preparing your moving budget will be worth it once you settle in South Carolina.

Take a look at the job market

South Carolina is known for its beaches. That is why tourism and hospitality are the major industries in this state. Coastal cities offer jobs in this area, in one of the many hotels, resorts, and spa centers. On the other hand, the state’s overall job market is less than impressive. The state unemployment rate is 4.4%, somewhat higher than the national average. It is also ranked 33rd in terms of job opportunities in the country.

However, not everything is so bleak. Larger cities in the state have had a rise in job opportunities in recent years. These cities include Charleston, Colombia, and Rock Hill, which are also the commercial centers of the state. So if you are moving from Florida to South Carolina and looking for a job in the tourism sector, you should relocate to a coastal city. On the other hand, move to the northern area if you want a job in health, IT, business, or other industries.

Low taxes when moving from Florida to South Carolina

For most people who relocate, money is a major factor. For this reason, most of them look into a state’s tax laws before making a commitment. If you choose to move to South Carolina from Florida, you will make the right choice for your wallet. The property taxes here are among the lowest in the nation. The state applies a progressive income tax for its citizens so that it generates enough revenue without high property taxes. So if you are looking to buy property in South Carolina, it is the right choice, as you will save more money on a property here than in most other states.

South Carolina is a great place to buy a property.

Many people who relocate to a new state buy a smaller home at first. If you fall under this category, you are probably wondering what to do with all the things you have no room for. Luckily, renting a storage unit is an easy and safe solution. Find one that fits your needs and never worry about your belongings again.

How is the education in South Carolina

South Carolina has a number of excellent educational institutions. These institutions are for children and students of all ages. Some of the best high schools in the state are Greenville Tech Charter High School and Charleston School of the Arts. The latter is an excellent school for gifted children as it has renowned art programs for every taste.

On the other hand, the best colleges in the state include The College of Charleston, The University of South Carolina, and Furman University. However, South Carolina also ranks 48th in education in the country. The rate of students who graduate from high school is also lower than the national average. To sum up, make sure you do research into the institution you plan on enrolling your children or attending yourself.

While we can’t always choose the time of our move, we can make the best of it. If you are moving on short notice, make sure you research how to do it properly. No need for a bad experience simply because it is out of your control.

Don’t give up the beaches when moving from Florida to South Carolina

As a Floridian, you probably know how beautiful and calming beaches can be. Fortunately, you can still enjoy them even though you are moving from Florida to South Carolina. Those who enjoy seafood will feel right at home here, as the state has some of the best in the country. Check out South Carolina’s most famous and scenic beaches, such as Myrtle Beach, Kiawah Island, Hilton Head, and Folly Beach. Even if you relocate away from the coast, you can still make it to the beach on your days off. Why not relax by the waves and let the stress of moving melt away?

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