What is it that expats love about Florida?


What is it that expats love about Florida? Why do so many people choose to move to Florida? We will show you the many advantages and benefits of moving to the Sunshine State. If you are moving from Florida to Georgia, for example, you will miss enjoying all the Florida perks. There’s a lot to learn about the Sunshine State – that’s why we shouldn’t waste any more of your time. Famous for its stunning beaches, mild climate and is the home of Disneyland, Florida is a fun place to live. It’s no wonder it has long been a magnet for those looking for a laid-back but vibrant atmosphere to call home. Read on to learn more in detail about why you’d love living in Florida.

It is summer all year round

Well almost! There’s no doubt about it, the wonderfully moderate climate in Florida is a big pro for most people. The largest part of Florida benefits from a subtropical or tropical climate. This is why the best long distance moving company Miami has a lot of work during that time. It’s warm and humid for much of the year, which is what expats love about Florida.

Tropical plants and flowers thrive here and the parks and gardens simply glow with color for much of the year.

On the other hand, when the rainy season comes in May, it stays until October and it is dramatic! It also ensures that Florida’s lush flora continues to add a dramatic and beautiful touch to the landscape. Whilst there is always a certain risk of hurricanes, still, only one or two hurricanes make contact with the eastern coast of America every year. Most people would agree that it is a small price to pay for near-perfect whether the majority of the time!

What is it that expats love about Florida? The beaches are outrageously beautiful.

Beaches are one of Florida’s main attractions, if not the star attraction. And you will find no fewer than 663 miles of beaches there. What is it that expats love about Florida? Its notable beaches include Clearwater, Delray, and Palm Beach. Let the best interstate moving company relocate you to your new home in Florida. You could be right by one of these iconic beaches in no time with our help!

Florida coasts truly offer everything you could ever want and more. No matter whether you’re into water sports, dolphins or surfing, you’ll surely find it somewhere on the 1200 miles of pristine Florida coastline.

Florida offers more affordable property than many other states

What else do expats love about Florida? Real estate is a very huge deal for many people looking to move permanently to Florida. If you’re thinking about relocating to Florida, you’re going to be impressed with what your money can buy here.

  • The expanse of land and a low cost of living contribute to the fact that expats love Florida. What’s more properties in the real estate market here are very spacious. You will have plenty of room for entertaining after you buy a new home here.
  • There’s an abundance of beautiful properties to choose from and many are very close to the beach. The buying process is something that expats love about Florida since it’s relatively easy with family real estate agents.
Boating, fishing, swimming, surfing, and scuba diving are just a few of the hobbies Florida residents enjoy in their downtime.

Expats love about Florida that it doesn’t collect an individual income tax

Florida is one of 7 states that do not collect individual income tax and this fact is part of the Florida Constitution! That’s why it’s highly unlikely that this benefit will change in the foreseeable future. Can you imagine the benefit of not having to pay individual income tax? That’s a huge draw and one of the things which expats love about Florida!

There are the Walt Disney Resort and special offers for Florida residents

Walt Disney Resort is Florida’s most famous attraction and has been a huge draw for millions of tourists from all around the world. And we agree, it is truly is a magical place…and you could have that on your doorstep after our interstate movers relocate you there! You can even get a brand-new, special discount ticket on offer. This three-day Discover Disney ticket is an advantage only available for Florida residents! Maybe it’s time to consider moving to Florida right now!

What is it that expats love about Florida? They will get to live all year round in one of the World’s top holiday destinations

Florida is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. Every year thousands of people escape the winter in North America and Europe to migrate to the Sunshine State. Because it is the world’s number one dream holiday destination, Florida has a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere. If you move to Florida you make everyone else’s dream your everyday reality!

Is it not the perfect place to retire?

All the reasons listed here that expats love about Florida as well are why the Sunshine State is the perfect place to retire. The mild weather, great healthcare and the financial advantages we mentioned make the Sunshine State an amazing place to enjoy your later years. And the best news is that you’ll never be lonely as friends and grandchildren will always want to visit! What a great advantage of moving to Florida!

What is it that expats love about Florida? Some of the best educational facilities in the USA

Florida Tech has again won the number one spot as one of the best universities nationwide. The state also has a fantastic choice of high schools. Education is important to most expats so if you are moving to Florida with children, this becomes an even more important factor.

Siesta Key has awards for the softest and whitest sand in the world.

Moving to Florida is easy with our help!

Because Florida is such a popular destination for British expats and migrants, the Sunshine State has a whole industry set up to make such a transition as easy as possible. No matter whether it’s buying property, finding a job or shipping your belongings to Florida, you should contact us because we are an experienced moving company ready to lend you a helping hand! So, what is it that expats love about Florida? You will tell us soon enough!

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