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Although a few drops of rain will not do much harm, you still have to find a way to keep your household products dry and safe when taking them out of your old property and loading them into a moving truck. For both local and the long distance relocation. And deal with all the dirt that your movers will leave on the floor during the rain. But then big rains and thunderstorms can completely ruin your plans and force you to postpone your move to Florida. We all know that moving while raining isn’t easy.

How to move when it rains? Just follow our practical tips for moving while raining, and you will stay dry during the move

However, the giant dark cloud hanging over the horizon is not a sufficient reason to press the panic button. Every cloud has a silver lining, remember? If a violent storm does not break out when a moving truck is in front of your house, you can still complete a successful and trouble-free move. If you are well prepared to move in bad weather, the rain on the day of the move will not have serious consequences on your adventure.

Make it safe for you and your movers

No matter what happens, your first priority is your safety and the safety of your family, your experienced residential movers Florida and everyone who has come to the rescue. Remember that lightning can be extremely dangerous when you drag large metal appliances into a moving truck.

So, in case of a strong thunderstorm, just go inside and wait a while. Most often, summer storms are short-lived. Most likely, the terrible thunder will disappear in an hour or so, and heavy rain will turn into the drizzling rain. After the peak of the storm has passed, you can proceed to the moving procedures carefully. Just do not forget:

  • Wear appropriate clothes. Raincoat and durable shoes will not only keep you dry but also help you avoid accidents. Wet clothes become heavy and start to sag so that they can easily catch on something and make you fall. And, unsuitable shoes may slip and cause you harm. Gloves will also come in handy, as they provide good traction with wet objects;
  • Watch your step. The rain makes many things and surfaces become smooth. So be very careful when moving while raining. Smooth surfaces, such as polished wooden floors or tiles, pose the greatest risk of falling. Therefore, make sure they are covered with pieces of cardboard or old sheets. If there are any leaves on the ground, they will be very slippery, so we recommend you to remove them in advance;
  • Drive very carefully. If you drive to your final destination, take into account the condition of the roads and drive slowly and carefully;
Safety should always come first

Protect your items when moving while raining

Keeping your treasured items in good condition ranks second in the list of precautions you need to take when moving during the rain. Of course, the best way to do this is to hire professional packers Miami. But, if you like, you can also do it yourself. Remember that some household items are especially exposed to water:

  • Furniture. Wood may mold with prolonged exposure to moisture. Excess water can even deform or distort some of the thinner wooden pieces. Upholstered furniture, on the other hand, can get wet and suffer severe damage (water can literally ruin delicate leather furniture). Of course, metal parts will rust. Therefore, when packing furniture, make sure that all your belongings are well wrapped in plastic sheets (or plastic wrap) and heavy blankets. After the furniture is into a moving truck, remove the cover and make sure everything is dry;
  • Household appliances. Water can cause huge damage to sensitive electronic devices and electrical appliances. Therefore, they need maximum protection;
  • Artwork. Wrap artwork in plastic wrap so that moisture does not damage your valuable items. Custom-made wooden boxes are your best choice for protecting delicate works of art (just in case, close the boxes with some waterproof materials);
  • Mattresses. Moving the mattress in the rain is very difficult. If your mattresses absorb moisture (as well as rugs, curtains, etc.), it will be very difficult to completely dry them after that. The mold may develop and you may have to discard them if they have not been properly wrapped and protected from moisture.

Protect your home

Protecting your home is another important measure when moving while raining. In order to avoid damage to property when moving in bad weather, we recommend you to:

  • Line the entrance to your house and front porch with old carpets and towels. They will catch any dirt or water from your feet before they get inside;
  • Put old carpets, blankets, sheets or tarps on the floor to protect it from dirty water. It is a good idea to put a few pieces of cardboard or newspapers on top of the rugs because they can be easily replaced even in the midst of moving procedures if they become too dirty and slippery;
  • Consider having crews inside and outside to speed up the process and protect your floors. Two of your professional movers can stay inside and hand the boxes to other people who deliver them to a moving truck. Not only will you keep your home clean, but you will save some time in the process.
If it rains upon arrival at your destination, use the same techniques to protect your new home from dirt and moisture

Last but not least, remember that relocation insurance is an expensive investment, especially when moving in bad weather. The likelihood of accidents and damage is much higher when it rains on the day of the move, so keep yourself calm with adequate insurance when moving while raining.

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