Moving to Florida with a newborn - quick guide


Every parent knows what an adventure having a baby can be. Take that everyday baby-oriented lifestyle and add moving to Florida with a newborn, and suddenly your adventure becomes more like a space voyage! At least it will often seem as one during your relocation unless you opt for hiring moving services Boynton beach. While speaking of good news, we’ll also make sure you plan ahead in order to take simple and easy steps for moving to Florida with a newborn. And with just one click on our website, you can call or email us and you’ll be on the right track for making your space journey a simple walk in the park. Check out our full guide for parents moving to Florida with a newborn to ease the stress and enjoy the transition.

We have made our guide easier to follow by separating it into three sections

  1. Before moving to Florida with a newborn,
  2. Settling in and
  3. Baby proofing your new house.


Before moving to Florida with a newborn


1. Make sure you stick to your routine when moving to Florida with a newborn

Babies thrive on their routines. Don’t let all the moving obligations and the mess of packing get in the way of your baby’s regular daily routine. Instead of rushing to pack everything in the last 5 days, or hiring interstate movers FL last minute, try to start packing as early as two months before moving day.

Pack everything you need for three days (or more) in one bag or box and keep it by your side for easy access on moving day and the first few days after.

Packing over a prolonged period of time gets rid of the stress and enables you to have enough time in your schedule to stick to your routine. Take advantage of naps and your kids’ early bedtime to get all the chores done in segments. And don’t cut your naps either – remember, you need your sleep as much as your baby does!


2. Create a relocation calendar/checklist to follow while moving to Florida with a newborn

To keep any stress from taking a toll on you, it is best to start planning your relocation two months before the moving day. Start a Moving Day Count Down Calendar, and try to print and hang it up in a visible spot. Try somewhere you can easily check it while feeding your baby. This way you can check it often, day after day. The satisfaction of seeing those moving to-dos being crossed out is very rewarding!

And on the actual moving day, while we are handling boxes and furniture, consider having your little ones somewhere else. Entrust your newborn with a reliable babysitter, a good friend or a relative who can take your bundle of joy while you’re moving to Florida with a newborn. You’ll be able to relax because you’ll know that a responsible nanny is helping you with great childcare.


3. Pack an essentials bag or, as we call it, a “first-aid” bag with all your baby’s most important things

Just like you would usually pack half the nursery when you are going for a simple walk in the park, carrying all the things “that you might need” with you, except this time you should pack your baby’s essentials for the first three days. If you’re moving to Florida with a newborn over a long distance, you need to pack at least one month of supplies with you instead of on the moving truck. Once you settle into your new house, you will have super-practical access to diapers, baby food, pacifiers, and important toys.


Settling in your new house


1. First, unpack and set up the nursery

After moving to Florida with a newborn, first set up your nursery. This will give you an instant sense of home, and it can be very soothing to your whole family. Since you will be able to easily change your baby and put them to sleep, you’ll have less to worry about when it comes to unpacking.

Use childcare during the days that lead up to your move as well. You’ll be able to get more done on your moving calendar.

This is especially beneficial during the first night in your new house because you’ll be very tired. Set up the nursery to look like the one in your previous home as much as possible. The warmth of familiar surroundings will help both you and your baby adjust to the changes more quickly and seamlessly.


2. Putting your crib together

When setting up a crib, you should be careful and make sure you provide protection to your baby from the following suffocation and strangulation hazards:

  • Sharp or awkward edges
  • Loose, broken or lost parts
  • Low quality or lose hardware
  • Jagged designs in the headboard or footboard
  • Crib slats with a gap wider than 2 3/8 inches in between (test with a soda can)
  • Gaps wider than 2 fingers width in between the sides of the crib and the mattress
  • Latches that your baby could reach and release


3. Get safe bedding for your crib

If you’re a new parent, you may not be aware of the fact that soft bedding can suffocate a baby. It is known to present a hazard of blocking the baby’s airway while they sleep. Babies are also at a risk suffocating if their faces become jammed between the mattress and the rail. Or if their faces get buried in a mattress, but even a soft pillow or other soft object holds a high risk. In order to set up a safe crib, get a firm, tight-fitting mattress and cover it with a crib sheet. Don’t put anything else in it. When you want to add a warm cover, use a sleep sack – which is a wearable blanket.

Lock up chemicals, vitamins, cleaning products, pet food, alcohol, poisonous plants, and medicins. Store them way out of your baby’s reach.

Baby proofing your new space

After moving to Florida with a newborn, go through your house crawling. Look at the world through your baby’s eyes. Get down on all four and try to see what looks interesting and what you can reach. You will be at awe at what you can discover, then you can act accordingly and baby proof your home like a pro! Make sure all your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. Test alarms monthly and change batteries once every year. Now you are ready to start the next chapter of your life after moving to Florida with a newborn. Contact Authority Moving Group and we’ll move you to your new home that your little one will play in, enjoy, grow and explore the world from! Don’t worry about a thing because you’ll have our professional moving team on your side! Have a happy relocation!

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