Packing tips for busy moms


As a mom, you always carry out double duties. And when you add moving to the mix, things can get even crazier. Moving between packing, cleaning and squeezing in small, high-quality family time, you can feel that you are losing your brain. But keeping your head calm will not only help your stress level but also make your children feel more secure and excited about the changes. To make sure you haven’t forgotten anything, including sanity, here are some packing tips for busy moms to help you keep your Mom of the Year title and pack your bags on time.

Some of the most important packing tips for busy moms

Look at moving companies that offer various services

Most moving and storage companies offer a variety of options and services of your choice. They can be handed over to the storage compartment, and you can pack and load everything yourself. Or you can choose the full service and let the movers come, pack everything, load it into a container or truck and deliver it to your new home. Get quotes from several moving companies and a detailed explanation of what is included in their services. Decide what you can let someone do for you. Make sure you accept the right services for you. For example, if you need storage Florida, make sure to ask them about that.

The right movers can make your move a lot easier

Make important decisions

Decide what items you want to leave in the house for new tenants and what items you will bring with you. It can be anything from specific appliances to curtains, window treatments or furniture. Make sure your realtor understands what you take with you and what remains from the start. This helps to avoid heartache or headaches in the future when you are negotiating with potential buyers.

Plan ahead

Give yourself plenty of time to pack up. If you don’t need to rush, you can roll with unexpected obstacles, such as sleeping time or unexpected game time. As soon as your interstate movers FL tell you the date of the move, start packing. Start with items you don’t use regularly, such as off-season clothing, china, and baubles. Starting slowly and taking a lot of time for yourself, you can greatly facilitate the transition for yourself and your children.


Look for opportunities to get things done while your kids are busy. While they are napping, you can sort out your trash can. While the children are playing in the backyard, start collecting garden tools or tidying up the barn. When everyone has dinner, you can pack books or games in the family room. There are many opportunities to keep track of your children and achieve your goal.

Consider their needs

Save your child’s favorite toys and pajamas for the latter. You can even give them a special box that they can take with them in the car and unpack immediately upon arrival. Among them - a teddy bear, a favorite book for sleeping and toys that they play with most. This will not only help you prepare your kids for relocation but also give them the things they need to stay calm and have fun until they get comfortable.

Keeping them busy is one of the best packing tips for busy moms, as it can give you much more time

Let them help

The idea of ​​including children may seem like a nightmare, but this is one of the best packing tips for busy moms and a great way to get them moving and get more help. Let them help you pack non-fragile items such as towels or decorative pillows, or even pack their room. If they are old enough, ask them to help with labeling or color-coding. Children can use stickers or markers to “decorate” the boxes according to the rooms in which they should be.

Reduce while they are sleeping

Moving is a great time to remove excess debris and items that you no longer need. However, if some of these items include your child’s toys, you need to secretly deal with them. It is one of the hardest challenges of moving, but it is a smart thing to do. The best time to weed out unnecessary toys and forgotten trinkets is while they are sleeping. Plan to go through the game room after turning off the lights. Most likely, they will not even notice what you got rid of.


Save those Amazon boxes and wrapping paper! If you intend to pack some, most, or all of your items, label each box with its contents as you pack. If you have glassware or fragile items, mark the boxes as fragile along with the contents of the box.

Choose a place in your home to store boxes and packing materials

If you do the packing yourself and don’t hire professional packers, invite your friends or family to a party. Add some pizza and drinks, and packing can go much faster with a little help. This help can also come in handy when it comes time to remove all items stored in your attic.

Just say yes

If friends or neighbors offer to look after the children or take the children to the park, do not refuse them! Now is not the time to decline good offers of help. You can do much more without children underfoot. And they can have fun in the midst of a moving mania. If possible, try to arrange extra help on the day of the move to keep an eye on the children so you can make sure everything goes to your new home. Moving is fraught with their own problems, but combining them with young children certainly adds an element. By simply following these packing tips for busy moms and accepting any help you are offered, you will succeed without losing composure.

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