Moving from Florida to Canada - how to prepare?


Have you made the decision to move from the Sunshine State to beautiful Canada? Changing beaches and warm weather for the beautiful sceneries and quite stunning healthcare can be the decision of your life. You are about to cross over 2, 600 miles and you need to be well-prepared for that. Do not worry, the excellent state to state movers Florida is offering can help you every step of the way, and release the tension. Our useful guide on moving from Florida to Canada is also here to assist you in having the perfect relocation experience.

Find your new home

When you are about to relocate from Florida to Canada, it is important to know all the details. Canada is quite a large country and has numerous cities that you would be happy to call home. Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto have a lot to offer. In order to narrow down the possibilities we first recommend that you apply for a job that you want and start from there. Canada has excellent universities so this will also help you in making the decision you will love.

Moving from Florida to Canada is a great decision, as Canada truly has a lot to offer, so you will have no issues choosing your new ideal city in this beautiful country.

Hire reputable movers

Long-distance relocations always go better with professional movers. Long distance movers Florida based know this and are proud to have thousands of satisfied customers. Of course, before hiring a certain moving company, we recommend that you first compare at least 3-5 moving quotes. Check out what suits you best. Here are a few reasons why hiring professionals is great when moving from Florida to Canada:

  • Insurance – All of your items will be ensured during the relocation. You will receive compensation as opposed to a DIY relocation, where this is hardly possible.
  • Avoiding moving injuries – Professional movers have years of experience and know all the right techniques that help them avoid any injuries. You have better things to focus on rather than disassembling your furniture.
  • Saving money – An amateur long-distance move is almost always more expensive than a relocation with professional movers. They know exactly what to do and rarely make miscalculations, which makes them the perfect choice.
Hire reputable movers in order to have a stress-free relocation to Canada and to have more free time to focus on your new life.

Save money before moving from Florida to Canada

Money does make the world go round. It is not essential to have loads of money, but having some money saved in advance can go a long way in a successful relocation. You will feel more at ease knowing that if something unexpected happens, you can cover the expenses. Moving to a new country means that you need to pay the deposit, rent, bills, and live until your first paycheck.  So, saving money is the best medicine for stress when you are moving long-distance.


Moving from a place where you can go to the beach all year round to a snowy Canada means that you do not need as much summer clothing anymore. So, go through all of your items and start asking yourself whether you will actually need it in Canada. This is a great way to start completely fresh. Whatever you need you can simply buy in Canada. Also, earn a few bucks by selling the items that you do not need. Or, if you want you can donate all the items to charities like Goodwill, or any other.

Know what are the prohibited and restricted items at the Canadian border

Speaking of decluttering, it is important to know that you will not be able to relocate all the items you want due to customs restrictions. While the Authority Moving Group movers know this, here is a list of prohibited items that you cannot enter in Canada.

  • Plants
  • Narcotics and drugs
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Ammunition and explosives

On the other hand, there are items that require special conditions or documentation:

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco products
  • Food, especially meet
  • Firearms
  • Pornographic materials
  • New items ( make sure to have the bill of sale to prove that you bought something).
Don’t forget to organize a goodbye party before your relocation, as you should say farewell to all the people that you love.

Make a goodbye party

Moving away is simply not the same without a goodbye party. Especially if you won`t be coming back to Florida often. Leaving friends and family members behind is never easy so don`t even try to skip this step when moving from Florida to Canada. You do not need to make an expensive party or spend a lot of money on it. Simply order pizza and have your favorite people come over. Or, go to your favorite bar and enjoy yourself one last time there with your friends.

Needless to say, you can turn your goodbye party into packing and other chores, if you need it. Your friends will understand that you need help and you do not have much time. But, whatever you do it is important to be surrounded by people you love and cherish. And after you move, you can organize a move-in party and invite some new people.

Learn interesting facts about Canada

Moving from Florida to Canada is not all about hard work and preparations. Remember to always leave some time aside for having fun and learning something new. For example, did you know that the lowest temperature recorded in Canada was -63 degrees - the same as on Mars? Or that the character of Superman was actually created in Canada? While in Canada, you should know that Quebec accounts for 77% of maple syrup in the world. And finally, if you send the letter addressed to North Pole, HOHOH, you will actually receive a response from Santa Claus. Good luck and enjoy your relocation!

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