How to evaluate your interstate movers?


The moving part is finally over and it did or did not go as expected. Moving to a different state has its own set of challenges, and with the right movers, it should go smoothly. However, having in mind that a lot can happen during the relocation, it is important to note how your movers handled the situation on hand. When you were searching for the perfect movers, the very first thing that you did was to check out the reviews, right? Then you know how important it is to evaluate your interstate movers, as others will benefit from your experience. Interstate movers Florida, for example, pride in having excellent moving reviews, and this is all due to hard work.

How to find the right interstate movers in the first place

The evaluation of movers is the last step in the relocation process. When you get to the part when you need to evaluate your interstate movers, you are pretty much done. However, if you still haven`t moved and the task of finding the right movers is ahead of you, we can help you.

Evaluate your interstate movers in the best possible way, so that people can make the right decisions when hiring movers.

Do your movers have a license?

Local movers do not have to be licensed, but interstate movers do. When you start searching for the perfect moving company, make sure to ask them about the USDOT number. With this number, you can visit the FMCSA website, and verify your movers. You will find a lot of useful information about your moving company, so make this step number one in the search for the right movers.

Compare moving quotes

Never pick the first interstate movers that just seem okay. In order to get the best possible offer, you need to compare moving quotes of at least three moving companies. Here is what you should pay attention to:

  • Price – The final product of the moving quote is the price. Comparing more companies will give you a clear insight into what the best price is for the services that you need. Don`t accept the lowest price, as it is most probably a scam.
  • Additional fees – No elevator in your building, no available parking space in front of your house, hoisting services, etc. can elicit additional fees. What is important here is to ask your moving company what are the services they charge extra, and how much will that cost you. Having the right information about this will help you prepare your moving budget properly.
When evaluating your movers it is really important to mention if you had any issues such as bad weather, or other unexpected situations.

Reviews and recommendations

Never forget to skip this part when moving the perfect interstate movers. If you have friends or relatives who have recently moved, ask them about their experience. An interstate move is usually longer, and you can experience a lot of the good and the bad. So, don`t hesitate to ask anybody that you know how did the movers handle the move. Of course, moving reviews are extremely important and you should check out what the people have to say about the moving company.

Tip: If you see some weird moving reviews that include a lot of appraisal or critics, there is a good chance they are fake. Fake moving reviews are common, but luckily it is easy to recognize them. Simple sentences stating positive or negative experiences are a feature of real moving reviews.

How to evaluate your interstate movers by writing a perfect moving review?

Relocating to another state is usually a blast with the Authority Moving Group. However, in order to let others know exactly how was your experience, it is a great idea to write a precise and accurate moving review.

Include when and where did you move

This is very useful information as people reading the review will be able to relate. So, include the state from which you moved and your destination state. Also, it is really helpful to write about the type of weather that you had. And especially if the weather was bad, how did your movers handle it.

Features of the staff

People are eager to learn how the staff behaved on a moving day. So, write a few words on the professionalism of the moving crew that helped you relocate. Don`t be shy to mention that they were rude, or taking too many breaks. All this information is vital and will be useful to other people who are planning to move to pick the right moving assistance option.

Were the movers punctual?

If you had to wait for hours for your movers to come without an explanation, you should mention this when you evaluate interstate movers. And then again, if the movers were punctual throughout the whole relocation, you should mention that too.

How did they handle unexpected situations?

Every move has at least a couple of unexpected situations. Mention whether your movers remained calm and resolved the situation, or they failed to live up to the challenge. Remember, there will always be problems, but the trick is to solve them.

The right time for evaluating your interstate movers is a few days after you have moved into your new house.

When should you write a moving review?

After the relocation, you probably won`t even get your laptop out of the moving box for a few days, let along write a moving review. Our suggestion is to have some good rest after you relocate. Then proceed with the unpacking of your items. Once you have unpacked and checked whether none of the items are missing or damaged, you can write a review. Evaluate your interstate movers by writing a concise review containing the most important information from above. Your movers will be grateful. Good luck!

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