Moving back to your parents’ house


There are plenty of reasons why you may be moving back to your parents’ house. For some of you, it is the only option due to the current financial situation. You may have to return the student’s loan, you have lost your job or you just find it more convenient due to some unexpected circumstance that happened to you. Whatever it is, know that you are not the only one and that we certainly know that you were hesitant to do that and you feel a bit easy. We got your back and we want you to be prepared for this old-new life that is ahead of you.

Tips on how to prepare and handle moving back to your parents’ house

It will most probably feel a bit strange and uncomfortable for you in this new environment. You might feel like you have gone backward instead of moving forward. However, there are certainly ways to make this period of time more comfortable for both of you.

  • Set clear and realistic expectations;
  • Be grateful;
  • Help out in whichever way you can;
  • Don’t deny yourself your freedom;
  • Work on yourself;

Try following each and every tip that we have suggested and you will soon come to a realization that you can make the most out of it if you choose to. Furthermore, don’t forget about your safety, especially if you are moving out during the pandemic. So, let’s start planning.

Family is usually the support you can fall back on when you are in trouble

Set clear and realistic expectations

The very first thing that you should do if you are planning on moving back to your parents’ house is to set expectations. Pull out a piece of paper and write down all the things that you believe you can expect from your parents. Imagine that you are already there and predict how they will treat you based on everything you already know about them. Don’t forget to ask for help. This is a period of time in which you will make use of a bit of help. If you need help to relocate, you can ask the Authority Moving Group for assistance. This is a perfect time for any kind of help and support, both physical and emotional.

Moreover, make sure to write down both the positive and negative aspects. And then, try to be aware of that at all times. Don’t expect that they will magically change just because you are there now. It won’t, and you should not be concerned about that. The point of this is that you go prepared there. You probably have forgotten most of their habits and everything else. So when you go back you will be more clear-headed to deal with every situation. You can even plan out your reaction so that you are less affected by them.

Putting pen to paper gives you the chance to see things objectively and analyze the situation

Be grateful

Moving back to your parents’ house might be something that bugs you very much. However, don’t forget the positive aspects of this whole experience. Be grateful that you were actually able to find support when you most needed it. Also, appreciate the fact that they have chosen to accept you since some adults are not that lucky. Be grateful for the support that you have gotten from the moving company, too. If you are moving from Florida to Georgia, and you appreciated their help, make sure that you don’t forget that. Additionally, take advantage of all the care, support, and tasty food that you loved in your childhood. Reviving these memories will certainly make you feel taken care of and loved. 

Help out in whichever way you can

You don’t want to feel useless even though it is not the best period of your time. Show that you are capable of many things, and help around the house, and even financially if you can. Treat them as your roommates, and don’t expect them to do everything for you. They will certainly appreciate a little help and see how much you have grown since you left the house. Moreover, you can also redecorate the house a little bit if your parents agree with that. Make yourself feel at home as much a possible. That will make them feel proud, and you will feel useful and appreciated. So, both of you win.

Don’t deny yourself your freedom

Even though it is the fact that you don’t live in your own house now, that is not the reason to completely comply. Respect your freedom and behave as an adult. They might want you to do certain things and expect something from you, but don’t feel obliged to comply. Know that you have the right to do whatever you want even under somebody else’s roof. What is more, that was the agreement. You agreed on living in the same house, not on complete obedience. But always try to explain this to your parent in a nice way, and try to find the common ground. They are probably doing their best, and this is something new for them, too. Nobody should feel uncomfortable, this is all a part of life. 

Never sacrifice your freedom for anything, always keep doing what makes you happy

Work on yourself

Moving back to your parents’ house might feel like going backward, but it doesn’t have to be. Life is unexpected so you should see it as such. Your going back to your parent’s place doesn’t define you as a person. In fact, this could be just a stepping stone to something better. If you take your life back in your hands and start working on yourself, you will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel. So, start looking for a job, maybe something that you have always wanted; read books, go on seminars, build yourself. There are so many things you can do for yourself which will only make you feel grateful and proud. So seize this opportunity when you probably have more free time than ever, and create a life you have always wanted.

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