How to include kids in your cross-country move?


If you are moving across the country, your kids are probably not happy about it. Their entire little world is changing and, even though you know it’s for the better, your little ones won’t see it that way. They simply lack the ability and life experience to comprehend it. Coming across this situation on more than one occasion, our nationwide movers Florida came up with a tip or two on how to include kids in your cross-country move and avoid meltdowns.

Imagine someone waking you up at 5 A.M. telling you: “You’re moving tomorrow!” What would you feel? Probably panic, at first, as you had just realized what “moving” implies. Desperation, once you realize that you don’t have time to say good-bye to your friends and loved ones. Depression, because you know you won’t be having coffee with them at your favorite restaurant anytime soon. And, finally, anger. Just because all of it could have been avoided if you knew that you will be moving soon. Now, take all those feelings, and increase them tenfold. That is what your child feels.

Include kids in your cross-country move. It’s easier than you think!

Turn their frowns upside-down

Firstly, you’ll need to prepare your kids for relocation. And getting them to love the very idea of living in a new home is a great way to start. Show them the photos of your new home and explain, in vivid detail, how you imagined it would look once you move in. You can go the extra mile by making a floor plan on a large piece of paper, or even a cardboard model of your new home. Add some cardboard cutouts to represent furniture and let them play and move the pieces around, draw and color the carpets, floors, and walls. Then, ask for their opinion. Just don’t be surprised if their ideas turn out to be better than yours!

Familiarize them with their new environment

Children today are pretty tech-savvy. Include kids in your cross-country move by putting their expertise to good use. Ask them to look up some photos of their new town and show you things they find interesting or show them the Google Street View app and let them take a virtual tour of their new town. Whatever peaks their attention, be sure to note on the “to-visit” list. This will keep them busy for quite a while, and the list you’ve made together will give them something to look forward to once you’ve settled.

Include kids in planning your cross-country move

Children might not mediate in making a deal between you and your moving company, although our cross country movers Florida would find such negotiations adorable. That doesn’t mean they cannot help you with planning and organization. When it comes to simple tasks, such as making a checklist, they might prove to be invaluable helpers.

Your little geniuses can get to know their new town before they even set foot in it!

If they already know how to write, you can “employ” them as happy little scribes. While you list all the items, and where they should go, your kids can take colorful notes with their pencils. And you have to agree, the checklist will look infinitely cooler that way. It will surely bring a smile to your face every time you need to cross something off of it.

If they still don’t know how to write - no problem. Engage them by asking them to name things in the room. You can have some fun, spend some quality time with your children, and make a checklist in the process. Not to mention that your kids will feel important and included because, hey - they’re helping!

Make packing fun

If you ask anyone what the most boring and tedious part of the move is, no doubt 99% of the people will say “packing”. Although, if you ask kids the same question, the majority will probably give you the same answer. And they are right! Boxes double up perfectly as forts or cars. Although a bit too obvious, they also make a perfect hiding place for hide-and-seek. And there’s bubble-wrap EVERYWHERE! Therefore, if you’re not using professional packing services, be sure to include kids in the packing process.


Yes, we’re perfectly aware this is not a real sport. But your kid isn’t! Preparing the boxes for packing can be a fun family activity. As you know, before you place anything in the box, you should put some padding on the bottom. Commonly, you would use loosely crumpled brown paper or old newspaper. Which is ideal, because the box can be used as a shooting “hoop” and paper balls as, well, balls! So place the box in the middle of the room, and let the games begin!

Your child can find a simple box to be a perfect toy!

Bubble-wrap stress release

Let’s be real - everybody loves popping bubble-wrap! No matter how old they are. There’s something so soothing and satisfying in hearing those bubbles pop. Distribute the excess sheets of bubble-wrap and make a pop-fest! Just don’t start popping before you’ve finished packing, or you’ll find yourself running back to the store in no time.

Label-nardo da Vinci

Are you looking for a great way to distinguish the moving boxes? Well, look no more! Just give your kids some colored markers and let them have a fiesta! Let them write, draw, and color every box. Of course, feel free to release the inner child and join in! Quality time and getting work done - all in one!

What else can you do with excess boxes?

Surely no packing endeavor would be complete without building the box fort! Build it, toss the toys in and let your kids go wild! If you don’t have enough boxes left for a fort, you surely have enough for a robot! Some cardboard, bit of packing tape, and colored markers - and you’ll have a Transformer running through the house in no time!

There are surely more ways to include kids in your cross-country move. Just let yours and their imagination run wild and you’ll find moving to be a family-friendly and, above all, fun activity!

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