How to avoid clutter in your storage unit?


In order to declutter our homes, we rent a storage unit, but we rarely ask ourselves how to keep the storage unit without clutter. When relocating or going away for a few months, we need to rent a storage unit and place everything that we do not need in there. Storage units are a fantastic way to declutter your home, but require special attention themselves. This is why we have designed this useful guide on how to avoid clutter in your storage unit. The process is not hard, just like moving is not hard with the professional Boynton Beach moving company.

Rent the perfect sized storage unit

Rule number one when it comes to avoiding the clutter in your storage unit is that you have the storage unit of the right size. If things get crowded inside the unit, perhaps the reason is not a bad organization. Maybe the unit is just too small. What is the right size storage unit is just one of the questions to ask when looking for a storage unit.

Avoid clutter in your storage unit by finding the right size storage when you want.

So, picking the storage unit of the right size is the first thing you need to do in order to avoid clutter in your storage unit. Here is a glimpse at what different sizes of storage units can accept:

  • Storage unit sizes 5`x5` and 5`x10` - If you want to store your books, smaller furniture like chairs, desks, bookcases, etc. then 5`x5` is the right size for you. A slightly larger unit will be enough to fit an entire one-bedroom apartment.
  • Storage unit size 10`x10` - Here you can fit in a smaller two-bedroom apartment. It is really convenient for things like a mattress, couch, dining table, chairs, and all the things that can fit into a two-bedroom apartment.
  • Storage unit size 10`x20 – This is considered a large storage unit. You can fit a five-bedroom apartment in here. Think appliances, living room and patio furniture, and a lot more.

Make an inventory list

Before you start placing the boxes inside the storage unit, there are a few things you need to do. This will help you avoid clutter in your storage unit easily. Start by making an inventory list. This list should contain every single item that you will store in your storage unit. Make several copies of this list, and make sure to keep one of the copies inside the storage unit.

This will save you a lot of time, as you will never have to rummage through your stuff trying to find something that has been in the storage unit from the beginning. The Orlando long distance movers know this and make an inventory list with every relocation.

Label the boxes

Making an inventory list is closely followed by labeling the boxes. You should label the boxes carefully and thoroughly in order to avoid any clutter. You can either write numbers on the box and mark the items with the same numbers in the inventory list or use any other labeling system. We recommend that you write the contents on the box and the room from which the items came from. In this way, in case you need something from the storage unit, you will be able to find it easily.

Label the boxes properly so you could know where everything is

Pack the moving boxes in a smart way in order to avoid clutter in your storage unit

When you pack the moving boxes in a smart way, you have already completed half the job. Everything becomes much less cluttered and you have a clear perspective at how great your storage unit is. In order to declutter your storage unit, you should follow these tips:

Use the same-sized moving boxes

This is a great thing to do, as you will be able to stack moving boxes one on top of the other. In this way, you will save up space as you are storing vertically instead of horizontally. If you have large, medium, and small boxes, make sure that the large ones are at the bottom.

The items that you need should be stored in the front of the storage unit

Decide which items you will need most frequently, and store them last. In this way, when you enter the storage unit you will be faced with the boxes of items you actually want. All the heavy, unnecessary items should go at the back of the unit.

Pack the items so that you have an aisle in the middle of the unit

You need to create a pathway if you want to avoid clutter in your storage unit. Space where you will be able to walk freely and pick any box or item that you want. If you simply have tons of boxes all around the storage unit, you will feel demotivated to even come inside and get what you need.

Remember to use shelves wherever possible and use the vertical space in the storage unit.

Use shelves

Shelves are a great way to keep your unit organized. You can even build corner shelves that will save a lot of space. If you have to store musical instruments like a guitar, for example, you can hang it on the wall. Whenever you can, take advantage of the height of the storage unit. When you go vertical, there are fewer things on the floor, and the whole place looks neater.

Clean the unit and the items before storing

When you get inside your storage unit it may seem clean already. However, don`t let this discourage you from cleaning it once again. After you clean it, you should start strategically placing the boxes and the furniture. It is important that all the items that you enter are clean, as dust can create some problems in the future. Make sure that you tick off all the things from the storage maintenance checklist, as this is the right way to maintain your storage unit for a longer period of time.

Avoid clutter in your storage unit by following our useful tips from above. And do not be afraid to throw away the items that you will definitely not need, just because you have a storage unit. Good luck!

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