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Countless movies and TV shows made Miami famous for its party-oriented lifestyle. That is why the fact that it’s also a family-friendly place is often overshadowed. There’s an abundance of opportunities for families moving to Miami, especially for families with kids. Great schools, amazing residential areas, breathtaking parks, and gorgeous beaches will ensure that every day in the life of your little one is fulfilled. So before you hire the best long distance moving company Miami can offer, here are some tips to make sure you get there without a headache.

Prepare for arrival - before you even start a trip

Minimize the consequences of a long trip that is ahead of you even before moving to Florida. After a long trip, your kids can be tired and cranky, so make sure to be prepared for that situation by following these steps.

Talk to kids

Families moving to Miami should be aware that every move is a big change. Even more so for your children. They are leaving everything they know behind: Their friends and childhood crushes, their school and favorite playground. So, take your time and prepare them for the move. Throw a farewell party so they can say goodbye to their friends.

Farewell party is a great way for your kids to see their friends before you move

Prepare the grounds

Ensure that you have cable TV and internet the moment you arrive at your new home. Your kids will have something to do and will stay out of your way while you unpack. It can also be a good idea to hire someone to clean your new house thoroughly before arrival.

Pack their toys last

After packing everything else it’s time to pack toys. Once you start packing, be sure to include them in the process. By doing this, you can unpack them first, when you arrive at your new home. Try and make a game out of it - another way to keep them occupied for a while.

Make sure your car is in top shape

The first thing to do, if you plan on driving to your new home, is to get your car checked by the mechanic. Your car must be in top shape before the trip. Anything can happen on the road, and you want to be sure that your family is as safe as possible during the trip.

Making a trip less strenuous

“Are we there yet? Are we…” Well, you get the point. Families moving to Miami don’t want to be stuck in a car for hours with overly inquisitive seven-year-old. Especially if you’re moving long-distance and if you’re the one driving. Answering a thousand questions will make you split your attention, which can result in a traffic accident. So, make sure you’re prepared to keep your kids entertained during a whole trip. Or, at least, until they fall asleep.

You only need to keep the kids occupied until they fall asleep


Sing a song or singalong

Make a playlist before you start your journey and include your kids’ favorite songs. Then crank up your car stereo and start singing. Invite your kids to sing with you or clap in the rhythm and, before you know it, an hour has passed and you had some fun and quality time.

Car games

There are a lot of games that can be played using only imagination. They are an amazing way to keep your children and yourself entertained during a trip. And most of them do not require you to avert your eyes off the road. Some good examples would be: “I spy with my little eye”, “Storytelling” and, one that most parents are grateful exists, “Silent Game”. You can use your tablet or PC to find similar games, as there are dozens of them and even more variations. And speaking of tablets, you can always download some games to keep your kids occupied for a lengthy period, or play some cartoons on YouTube. Just be mindful of your cellular data.

Items families moving to Miami should keep on themselves at all times

Children can be needy. Especially in confined spaces, like cars, where there’s not much to keep them occupied. Make sure to pack everything they might need during the trip.

Start by taking one or two separate bags, depending on the length of the journey. These bags should be within your reach at all times. Fill them with everything you can think your kids might need for a long trip. For instance:

  • Change of clothing - Children are prone to making a mess, so it’s good to keep some spare clothes, just in case. This is especially true for families moving to Florida with a newborn, so make sure you’ve restocked your diaper bag. Also, it’s always a good idea to have some paper towels and wet wipes close
  • Pillows and blankets - Make a trip easier for your kids by bringing a few small pillows and blankets. And, if you’re traveling by bus, you’ll probably want one too.
  • Car charger - If you’re taking a tablet or a laptop to keep kids entertained, don’t forget: Batteries last much shorter than you think. You don’t want kids crying because their favorite cartoon got interrupted halfway through. Powerbank is another good option, as they can often provide two or more full charges for your phone or tablet battery.
  • Nausea medication - Some children may experience motion sickness during a trip. It’s not a secret, and nothing to be ashamed of. Anti-vomiting pills will help keep their tummies calm and your surroundings clean
  • Snacks and refreshments - Sandwiches, water, juices, and fruit will keep your kids calm for a whole trip. Also, make sure to pack some for yourself too! It’s not just kids that can be cranky when they’re hungry.

    A tablet equipped with a few games can keep your kid occupied for hours

Drive safely

Everything is ready for your arrival, there’s no need to rush now. Make frequent brakes and, if your spouse is a driver too, switch often. You will arrive fresh and filled with energy and enthusiasm to begin settling down and make new memories.

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