Creative gift ideas for new homeowners


So, you were invited to a housewarming party for friends who have just bought their new home and moved with long distance movers Georgia. And you have no idea what to bring them. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We made this guide with the best gift ideas for new homeowners.

15 best gift ideas for new homeowners

A gift card to the nearest restaurant (preferably the one that delivers)

When people are in the process of moving, making dinner is not the first thing on the to-do list. Save them the trouble by giving them a meal in a place somewhere near their new home. If you are in doubt about where to get a gift card, remember that pizza is never the wrong answer.

Or you can discreetly ask them about their favorite cuisine for one of the best gift ideas for new homeowners

Unique candle

Nothing causes a feeling of warmth and home faster than a nice candle. A bit of a splurge goes a long way when it comes to candles. So look for something with a rich but delicate aroma in a beautiful package. Be sure to include a cigarette lighter or a box of matches with a candle, since such trifles often disappear in the chaos of moving, especially if it was moving on short notice.

Fresh baked goods

There really is no situation that cannot be improved with baked goods. Go to the local bakery near the new place to buy a box of goodies. Or whip up a batch of something sweet in your own home, and then bring them fresh. You can also pick up something from their favorite bakery in the old neighborhood. It is difficult to make a mistake when it comes to butter and sugar.

Flowers in a beautiful vase

Decorate their new space with gorgeous colorful flowers in a beautiful vase, which they will want to leave long after the original flowers call it a day. Being close to the flowers can reduce the stress associated with the move. And also instantly create an effect of getting together in a space that otherwise might look a little empty.


If you are looking for something that will last longer than a bouquet, consider the green and leafy plant. Keep in mind that the plant is more of a responsibility than the flowers. So if you are not sure how good their green thumb is, be sure to choose a plant that is known to be maintenance-free, such as succulent or a snake plant. And if you know that they already had a plant, just long distance moving companies Alabama couldn’t move it, get them a similar one.

A set of beautiful food storage containers

The best time to organize your home is the time when you move in. Help them with a set of quality containers for storing products that they can use in their pantry or cabinets. These types of containers not only provide a pleasant Pinterest-y touch to chic any space, but they are also durable and absolutely practical. And do not worry if they already have a set - you can never have too much storage space.

Cozy blanket

One of the best gift ideas for new homeowners is to get them something cozy. Help them feel comfortable with a super soft blanket, under which they will love to curl up. Blankets made from wool, fleece, cotton, or a blend of cotton and polyester offer incredible softness at reasonable prices. Or you can go big and buy a cashmere, mohair or faux fur blanket. If you do not know the color scheme of their house, choose a blanket of neutral color that fits wherever they want to put it.

Or you can bring a blanket for their little ones

A personal reminder of their last home

Most of the moves are bittersweet, causing excitement from what is to come, and nostalgia for what is left behind. Honor where they were, with a regular item marking their journey, such as a map of their old district in a frame or serving board in the shape of the state from which they moved. For example, Etsy is a great place to buy such things, and you will find many ideas for original and personalized trinkets and prints.

Welcome mat

A new home requires a new welcome mat. You can go with something simple and classic, or make a custom mat with their initials or a funny saying. This is probably what they were planning to buy for themselves eventually when they got to it. So you give them a thoughtful gift and do them a nice favor.

Set of tools

Everyone needs a box of basic tools. This is one of the best gift ideas for new homeowners for those who move into their very first house or apartment and may not have acquired the basics - for example, a hammer, a tape measure, a wrench, and a screwdriver - over the years. Add to this a few handy items that they might not think about, for example, a level and a durable flashlight.

Tested cookbook

New kitchen means new culinary inspiration. Help them benefit from this with a cookbook that you know will bring them a lot. This may be one that you yourself love, or which is considered necessary for home cooks. Even if they do not use it often, it will still be beautiful on the shelf.

Quality key chain

The best gifts are the ones that people will use often. So how about what they see every time they get their house keys? Go shopping for a stylish key chain that you know will match their style.

Bottle of wine or spirits

Sometimes you just need a good glass of something strong after a long day of moving challenges. Buy them a bottle of their favorite liqueur or brand of wine. Or buy a bottle of champagne, as this is, after all, a reason for celebration. If you want to go even further, include a glass with a bottle in case they did not fully unpack.

It is better not to drink fine wine from a plastic cup

The best gifts for new homeowners are practical and sentimental things. Maybe something from our gift ideas for new homeowners can help. Go with something that fits their style and personality, and it will also have a real use in their new home. And don’t worry about it too much. A housewarming gift is not a necessity, so they will appreciate the extra effort, no matter what you come up with.

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