Common problems that occur during a long-distance relocation


Hundreds of thousands of people move on an everyday basis and are facing certain issues. It is true that the longer the distance for relocation is, the more issues you can experience. However, since we learn from others’ experiences and mistakes, most of the issues can be prevented. Or, if you know what to expect you can prepare better and cope with any problem easily. In order to avoid problems that occur during a long-distance relocation, we always advise hiring trustworthy movers. We can recommend the long-distance moving company Miami as they know how to relocate you safely.

You can become a victim of scam movers

As we already mentioned, hiring movers that are not trustworthy can lead to a series of problems. You can simply avoid this by hiring a reliable moving company. If you hire the first movers that just seem okay and have prices that are too-good-to-be-true, you can expect to have a severe headache in the future. If a moving company asks for a large deposit, if they do not have a physical address where you can meet them in person, or if they do not act like professionals, skip them no matter how low the price is.

One of the problems that occur during a long-distance relocation is certainly being scammed by rogue movers, so always be cautious.

Here is a couple of suggestions on how to find reliable movers:

  • Recommendations – One sincere recommendation from a friend or a relative member can go a long way in helping you choose the best moving company. Ask anyone you know who has recently moved long-distance for their experience with the moving company.
  • License – Always check whether your movers have a license for what they are doing. Ask your moving company to give you a USDOT number. You can just enter on the site of FMCSA and you can find out everything you need to know about your moving company.

One of the problems that occur during a long-distance relocation is running out of cash

Moving down the street and moving across the state differ in many ways. But, one of the most obvious ways in which they differ is certainly the amount of money you will spend on relocation. Hiring movers, or performing a DIY move will mean that you need to spend more cash than with a local move. Even when you calculate exactly how much money will you need, you need to count on unpredictable issues. Delays in receiving your belongings, your new house not being ready. The list of problems that occur during a long-distance relocation is endless. However, there is no need to let this affect you, just start saving up money before you begin your relocation.

Delays, damages, and losses are also some of the problems that occur during a long-distance relocation

Your belongings need to go a long way before you can finally use them inside your new house. And during this journey, a lot can happen. The bad thing here is that you do not have much control over the items once you send them out. Unless, of course, you are moving by car and you managed to fit all of your belongings inside it. Be prepared for the delays in the arrival of your items. You may need to find a place to sleep for some time if your new house is completely empty. If you are dealing with a reliable moving company such as the Authority Moving Group, the delay should not be really long.

When and if your items get damaged, lost, or simply won’t fit through the doors of your new house, it is important to remain calm and deal with the situation.

The other thing that can happen is that your stuff arrives but it is either damaged, or something is missing. In this case, it is vital to immediately inform the moving company about this and you will get the insurance if everything is okay. As hard as it may be, there is no point in looking back and wishing your couch wasn`t damaged.  You need to try and avoid moving anxiety. Check if you can repair the items, or if you need to replace them.

Valuable documents

Finally, you can end up losing your documents and valuable items on your way to your new, dream house. If you pack your most valuable items in moving boxes, then there is a greater risk of losing them. Always keep your expensive electronic devices, jewelry, and most important document by your side. If they are within your hand reach, they will not become one of the problems that occur during a long-distance relocation.

Some of your furniture cannot fit into your new house

This is also one of the most common problems that can occur during relocation. When you decide that you will move bulky and large items like furniture, kitchen appliances, pianos, hot tubs, etc. you need to make sure they will fit. Since we are talking about a long-distance relocation, it can be hard for you to measure the doorways, staircases, and rooms. So you need to ask someone to do it. Ask your landlord, or check the measures in the plan of the house. And of course, check whether your items are on the list of items you should avoid moving long-distance.

During a long-distance relocation, some unexpected things can happen and you might need to spend more money than you previously thought, so start saving up.

Utilities are not set up in your new house

Again, one of the problems that can occur during your move is forgetting to set up utilities. Fortunately, you can avoid this quite easily by making sure you set up the utilities a few days before you arrive. If you enter your cold house, with no electricity, heating, and water, you may need to rent a room at a motel, which is expensive and time-consuming. As we have seen, there are a lot of problems that occur during a long-distance relocation, but you can face them readily and better yet, prevent them. Good luck!

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