How to avoid moving anxiety?


When it comes to stressful events in life, moving certainly takes the place near the top of the list. And rightfully so. There are many chores to handle. Time is always in short supply. And, of course, there’s always money, as one of the deciding factors. But these are just the biggest things. There are innumerable smaller ones, that are easily overseen. Nevertheless, they add up. Almost to the point where they can utterly break your spirit and make you want to run away and hide in the corner. However, there are many ways to avoid moving anxiety. The best one is to hire Florida movers to help you. They can take an enormous load off your shoulders. But there are also some simple routines you can employ to help yourself even further.

Focus on the positives

Moving means change. And change means adapting to the new environment and society. The pressure of conforming to new situations and surroundings can be oppressive. And it can cause anxiety to build up long before the actual relocation. It’s especially true if you’re moving far away.

You might say that the larger the distance - the bigger the change. Even if you’re using the help of long distance movers Georgia to move effortlessly, the fact remains: everything will be new. New home, new surroundings, new people, new landscapes. But this way of thinking is just plain wrong. There’s no easier way to put it. However, let’s try a different approach:

Adopt a positive attitude! You have so much to look forward to.

A different approach

Moving means change. Yes, it does imply adapting to the new environment and society. It also means that you will grow as a person. Become better and stronger with each new challenge you overcome.

The pressure of conforming to new situations and surroundings can be oppressive. Yes, but you will also surprise yourself with your ingenuity and resourcefulness. If excitement fills your mind, there will be no space for anxiety to build up. And suddenly, distance won’t matter anymore. Because the fact remains: everything will be new! New beautiful home, new exciting surroundings, new amazing people, new breathtaking landscapes. A few simple words can change the sentence. And a few positive thoughts can devoid you of anxiety altogether.

Avoid moving anxiety by making a good plan

Even the simplest relocation will require you to take care of numerous tasks and make a huge amount of decisions. And doing anything under duress will inevitably lead to mistakes. Rectifying even minor ones can sometimes take a good portion of your time. However, you can minimize the risk just by taking some time to make a good plan. At first glance, this might seem contradictory and might look like you’re actually wasting time. Time, that you could use to solve more pressing matters. Actually - it’s quite the opposite: you’re taking the time to make time.

Making a plan is never a waste of time.

Just think about it for a second: how much time will you lose trying to tackle the chores at random? How long will it take to rectify the eventual mistakes? Certainly, a lot longer than it takes to make a plan. And the most important question: how much stress will you avoid by rendering the mishaps virtually non-existent?

Make a checklist

Relocation requires a great deal of organization. Making a plan is an excellent first step, but it can be further improved by making a checklist. Because the mind is a fickle thing. It can trick you into thinking that there are more chores than you can handle. But write them on the paper or type them on your phone and, suddenly, dozens of chores turn into a few.

All that’s left for you to do is sort them in order of importance. Start with big ones and work your way toward minor ones. You can make it even easier on yourself by splitting bigger tasks into smaller ones. That way, as you progress through the list, with each finished task your feeling of accomplishment will grow. And no matter how hard the task was, you will be left with more energy and enthusiasm once you finish it.

Decluttering is a great way to save money AND avoid moving anxiety

Moving isn’t cheap. Needles to say, this thought can lead to tension building up. However, you can easily reduce the cost of the move just by decluttering your home. It’s simple: your relocation will cost less if you’re moving less stuff. And there are certainly a lot of things you don’t use or need. Therefore - get rid of them in one of these ways:

Another benefit of decluttering is that you’ll be able to settle in and tidy up your new home much faster. Therefore you will immerse yourself in your new environment with ease.

Tidy home = tidy mind.

Take it easy - don’t try to handle everything at once

Even though you will have to handle numerous tasks during a relocation, it certainly doesn’t mean you have to tackle them all at once. If you’ve made a plan and checklist, you already have a good starting point. And you already have a pretty good idea of how much time everything is going to take. So take it easy. The last thing you need is to overexert yourself. Spread tasks evenly and focus on one at a time. That way you can be sure you’ve done it properly and the next one will be even easier.

Lastly: don’t do it alone

One of the best ways to avoid moving anxiety is to do it with friends and family. The help they will provide will go a long way towards easing the burden of relocation. But what’s more important - they will lift your spirit. Don’t shy away from asking them. And, of course, don’t forget to throw a farewell party once all the hard work is done!

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