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It goes without saying that moving causes stress. However, if you cross off items from the following checklist, your preplanning may pay off with the desired reduction in stress. It is very important to schedule your upcoming move. If you wait until the last minute to handle everything, you can skip some of the most important steps. In addition, putting off while moving with residential movers Florida will only cause more stress. Here is a professional international moving checklist that you can customize to suit your moving needs.

Here are some ideas on how to make an international moving checklist


8 weeks before moving

  • Organize: Select a folder or file where you can put all your documents related to the move. Take one notebook as a moving notebook for all your notes.
  • Start sorting: Decide what to leave, throw away, or donate. If you move to another place, be aggressive in decision-making.
  • Explore moving companies: Go online to check moving companies with positive reviews. Ask friends and family if they have any links to movers that offer storage Florida. Spend a week or two on research. You are not in a hurry.
Making an international moving checklist
You should make your international moving checklist as early as possible

7 weeks before moving

  • Get materials: Buy packing materials: boxes, tape, markers, and bubble pack.
  • Plan a garage sale: Looking through your things, you will find items that you do not want to move. This is the perfect time to lighten your load. In the process, you make a few bucks at a garage sale to spend on transportation costs.

6 weeks before moving

  • Notify schools: If you have children, inform their school staff of upcoming relocation. Get copies of your school documents to register at schools near your new home.
  • Medical records: Consult your doctor for copies of your family’s medical records.

5 weeks before moving

  • Schedule a moving company: Thanks to your research, you’re ready to pick interstate movers FL. Choose a company you are sure of and confirm the date, time and details of your move.

4 weeks before moving

  • Start packing non-essentials: Start packing things you don’t need right now.
  • Label the boxes you pack: Clearly label and number each box with its contents and the room for which it is intended. This will help you keep an inventory of your items. And it will also help your movers know where to put the boxes in your new home.
  • Utility Alert: Start the utility shutdown process at your current location and set up utilities in your new residence.
  • Notify your landlord: If you are moving out of the rental, inform your landlord. Find out when you can get your deposit back.
Friends talking
This is also an ideal time to let your friends know that you are moving

3 weeks before moving

  • Solve the food situation: Use foods you don’t want to move. Plan ahead so that by the day you move you will have nothing left in the freezer. The same goes for your pantry. Make a consumption plan for everything that is already open.
  • Pets and plants: If you are moving with pets, prepare them for the move and for your new home. The same goes for your plants.
  • Change your address: Fill out the address change form on the USPS website. Tell banks and credit card companies about your new address.
  • Transfer insurance: If your current home is covered, contact your agent to transfer the policy to your new home.
  • Take care of your car: Service your car, especially if you move long distances. Consult your insurance company about the transfer of your policy.

2 weeks before moving

  • Do serious packing: Now is the time to start packing almost everything that is left in your home. Again, be sure to check everything to ensure a smooth transition to a new location.
  • Coordinate your values: If you have jewelry, heirlooms or other valuable objects, separate them from the main move. You don’t want your valuables to be mixed with your other packed things. Prepare your valuables for the move and pack them carefully. Keep them in a safe place and then transport them yourself.
  • Make a clean move: If your new place needs to be thoroughly cleaned, make sure to clean it before the arrival of your things.
  • At your disposal: Properly dispose of any items that cannot be moved, such as cleaning materials, propane or paint.

1 week before moving

  • Confirm and confirm again: Check with your movers to confirm the time and date of the move.
  • Pack a box with essentials: Prepare a box with the things you need right in the new place. Take this with you. Do not load it on the truck.

1 day before moving

  • Keep important documents with you: Always carry all documents related to moving.
  • Defrost and clean: Empty fridge and freezer. Check your cabinets and pantry for open products.

Relocation day

  • Work with your movers: Help your Florida movers by finding fragile or large objects immediately. Be there when the movers load your things in the truck. You will be responsible for verifying that they have loaded everything, so it is very important that you are there to coordinate and answer questions. Sign the bill of lading if you are sure that everything is taken into account.
  • Last check: Before your movers leave, do a final check on your home to make sure nothing is left.
Cleaning product
It might be a good idea to also do the final cleaning

Why is it important to make a good international moving checklist

As we have said, this step can be decisive. If you wait until the last minute to handle everything, you can skip some of the most important steps. In addition, procrastinating during the move will cause more stress. Therefore, do not forget to make a good international moving checklist, and you will relieve yourself of stress.

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