The things you should ask your movers if moving during Coronavirus outbreak


Some may say that moving during a global pandemic isn’t the best option. What they don’t understand is - moving sometimes isn’t optional at all. Yes, there are all kinds of risks involved, but if you hire the best Florida movers, it will present much less of a risk than previously thought! With this in mind, here are 5 things you should ask your movers if moving during a Coronavirus outbreak.

Can I still move? / Are moving services still available?

Of course, the first thing you should ask your movers if moving during a Coronavirus outbreak is if they still provide moving services. The federal government deemed moving services “essential”, despite the global pandemic. And reputable movers, such as our interstate movers Florida, are still operational. Naturally, they don’t operate in the same manner as before, though the services they offer are, in their essence, the same. By this, we only mean that there are additional precautionary measures in place.

No need to worry! Moving services are still available!


Which precautionary measures are you taking?

And the answers you’re expecting are:

  • Workers are instructed to maintain social distance. Unless it’s necessary, they will keep the 6ft. distance between two people.
  • Protective equipment is provided for the workers. All workers that come in contact with you and your possessions will be wearing protective masks and gloves at all times. Needless to say, you should do the same. Also, it’s a good idea to have hand sanitizer within reach for both you and workers.
  • Before the movers arrive to load the cargo, the interior of the moving truck, as well as the equipment used to load your items, will be sanitized.
  • The health of the moving crew isn’t compromised. This implies that no one on the moving crew is exhibiting any symptoms of Coronavirus. And also, that none of them has been in contact with anyone who has fallen ill during the past 2 weeks. Coronavirus incubation takes up to 14 days and symptoms might not manifest before that.

Could you do a Virtual estimate?

Before you start planning the move, it’s only natural that you would like to know what the price will be. The best way would be to request a moving company to send a representative who will do an on-site estimate. Although it’s still possible to do just that, under the circumstances, it’s not advisable. As we know, it’s highly recommended to keep social interactions to a minimum. And that’s where the wonders of modern technology jump in to save the day. If a moving company agrees to do a virtual estimate, you only need to take your phone (or anything with a digital camera, really) and do one of two things.

1. Make a walk-through video of your entire home

Go room by room, and feel free to leave some commentaries. If any of the items require special care or are difficult to handle, make sure to emphasize it. You can leave out the items that you’re not taking with you. If they end up in cadre, you can just say: “This isn’t coming” and move on. Once you’re done, you can send the video to the moving company. Or you can upload the video to YouTube, and just send the links. This can be especially useful if you’re asking for a virtual estimate from multiple moving companies. Video files are usually large, and you can spare yourself the pain of waiting for them to upload multiple times. The good thing about this method is that you’re not strictly bound by date and time. You can take videos gradually and only send or upload once you’ve finished all of them.

Take your time to capture everything you will take with you.

Do a real-time virtual walk-through

There are a plethora of mobile apps you can use for this. Viber, WhatsApp, FaceTime, or Skype will all serve the purpose. Download any of them, and contact the moving company to arrange the date and time of the virtual walk-through. Just be mindful that it might take a while to do it. Especially if you live in a large home with lots of rooms, or if you have a lot of items that require careful handling.

Do you offer “contactless” moving/packing services?

The next thing you should ask your movers if moving during a Coronavirus outbreak is if they can do moving and packing without you being present. Leaving your belongings to be handled by strangers might make you feel uneasy. It’s understandable. But if you hired reputable moving services you have nothing to worry about. Trained professionals will handle your items with the utmost care. It will also clear up your schedule quite a bit, giving you more time to focus on other activities. Not to mention that, by reducing social interaction, you will greatly lower the risk of catching a disease.

Is it possible to sign paperwork electronically?

Speaking of reducing social interaction, there’s another excellent way to do it. And when we say “reducing” we mean “avoiding it altogether”. Nowadays you can sign forms and documents online, either using your PC or even your phone or tablet. With this in mind, request your moving company to send you all the paperwork that needs signing in digital form. It will save you the trip to their headquarters and you will avoid unnecessary exposure.

No need to expose yourself - sign documents electronically!

Can I pay using means of online money transfer?

Moving companies generally accept two ways of payment: cashier checks and credit cards. Unfortunately, both of them require some amount of physical contact or proximity to another person. Then again - you’re already signing paperwork online. So why not make the payment in the same way? Reputable moving companies won’t have a problem with online payments, and you can use any form of online banking you have access to. Whether it is PayPal or Payoneer or any other of the multitude of similar platforms, essentially they will all do the same: Allow you to pay for the moving services from the safety of your home.

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