Moving to Florida while pregnant – should you do it?


Few things can be as stressful as the thought of moving to Florida while pregnant. From unwelcomed nausea to a serious case of fatigue, pregnancy already comes with plenty of hurdles without the challenge of moving to Florida while pregnant. Add in the chores of coordinating a relocation, and you’ve got a huge undertaking on your hands. Thankfully, interstate movers FL are here to offer some advice. With some time planning and some willing help, you can commit to moving to Florida while pregnant without losing your mind. So sit back and relax – here are our best tips for moving to Florida while pregnant.

Time can be your friend or your enemy – You make the choice if you are moving to Florida while pregnant

Just like any other successful move, it is best to plan ahead. And if you’re expecting – you’ll need to plan several months in advance to avoid unnecessary moving headaches later. You should always start with a to-do list, which must include all the crucial tasks, such as cleaning, packing, booking moving services Boynton beach.

Girl leaning on her mother's pregnant belly
Stay active! Make time for daily walks, yoga or whichever exercise you prefer.

To ensure your moving plan for moving to Florida while pregnant goes off without a hitch, go to our blog and use it to create a perfect moving checklist. It should include a personal tasks list, email reminders, and even coupons.  It can truly help you prepare as efficiently as possible.

Finding a new doctor

If you are moving to Florida while pregnant, make finding a new doctor one of your highest priorities. Yes, we know you are one busy mom having to pack and all. But remember, sometimes it can take weeks or even months before you’re able to get through the door after making an appointment for a new physician. So take notes and make it mandatory to plan ahead in order to find the perfect doctor. You can start by researching local hospitals and medical professionals in the area.

  • Once you’ve researched a few OBGYNs and hospitals that meet your criteria, call in order to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.
  • You can also try and ask your current doctor if they have a few recommendations. There is a good chance of them knowing of some very good doctors in your new city.
  • Once you get that coveted appointment, you should call your current doctor’s office and notify them that you’re moving to Florida while pregnant. Also, ask them to send all your medical records to your new doctor.
Moving to Florida while pregnant
Whatever you do, make sure you don’t overexert yourself.

Reduce stress while moving to Florida while pregnant

As tiring as the moving process can be, it’s extremely important that you do your best to try and reduce any and all anxiety. Self-care, while you are growing a baby in your stomach, has total priority. Here are a few tips to help you keep stress in check while moving to Florida while pregnant:

  • Read a book – put your feet up while relaxing with your favorite writer or a new book that you’ve been wanting to read for quite some time.
  • Have dinner with friends – spending time with good friends is one of the best ways to get your mind off of a stressful task in front of you.
  • Treat yourself – Never forget to treat yourself! And remember, it is never enough! There is no limit to treating yourself. Whether you opt for a short vacation or a prenatal massage at the spa, you deserve that treat. Go, relax, forget about everything else.
  • Take deep breaths – Besides spoiling yourself, you should take time to just breathe! Not only can deep breathing reduce overall stress levels, but it can also put you on the right track by helping you stay mindful. If you practice this, moving to Florida while pregnant won’t affect you badly and you’ll feel well-rested during the whole pregnancy plus moving process.
  • You should have a steady sleeping schedule – you should aim for at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night.
  • Listen to your body – Listening to your body and paying attention is highly beneficial during any change in our lives. If you happen to feel like you need to take a nap, lie down. When you’re thirsty, drink a lot of water. In case you’re feeling dizzy, sit down.

Hire professional movers

If you’re moving to Florida while pregnant, the last thing you need to be doing is lifting heavy items onto a truck. Steer clear of such crazy thoughts. In fact, it’s best to avoid heavy lifting completely. To do so, we need to strongly recommend hiring professional movers for this project. Once you’ve chosen a reliable moving company, perfect for your upcoming move, you will be able to pick a moving date and time that works best for your entire family. Also, make sure to label each box with its corresponding room while packing. That way your movers will know which boxes go where while finishing up on moving day. This will make the process much smoother for everyone involved.

Unless your baby is set to arrive very soon after the moving day, we suggest waiting until after the move to buy baby supplies


Are you feeling ready to commit to moving to Florida while pregnant? Rely on one of the best moving companies to handle your upcoming relocation by contacting Authority Moving Group and booking our reputable and reliable movers. All movers in our crew are licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that your relocation will be in good hands. Especially when it comes to packing up your entire household, we highly advise recruiting as many helpers as possible. You might want to see if it’s in your budget to hire professional packers to help you with the upcoming move. After all, with so much to do, moving to Florida while pregnant and packing up an entire household can seem like an impossible challenge to an already stressful relocation. So call us, and book yourself a seamless relocation! Good luck!

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