Moving from a house to an apartment


Downsizing to an apartment can be a new beginning for you. But it can also be accompanied by many changes that may seem foreign or overwhelming. However, the change of moving from Florida to Georgia should not be scary. Here are some of the most important things you can expect when moving from a house to an apartment. Check how you can make the most of these opportunities.

What you need to do to move from a house to an apartment

While you may be used to living in a house, moving into an apartment will likely save you money in the long run. Especially if your rent costs less than your mortgage, giving you extra money to pay off any other debts more quickly.

Finding an apartment has never been so easy. The hardest part about moving from a house to an apartment will be any mental hurdles you encounter. After all, you made countless memories while living in your home. You will have to part with things that once served you well. You know it will be partly difficult. Get ready.

Make sure you take as many photos you can to keep the memory of your old house

Another part of the process that you should prepare for is actually finding an apartment. Decide what the most important aspects of your next apartment should be. Know where you are ready to be flexible and where you are not. Knowing your minimum square footage or the number of bedrooms will be helpful when you reduce the size of your belongings.

Plan to downsize

Everyone is looking to downsize these days, especially if moving with long distance movers Boynton Beach. All you have to do is go to Pinterest or browse the magazine shelves in your local marketplace for thousands of ideas on how to make your life better by downsizing. Luckily for you, downsizing is only part of the deal when you move from a house to an apartment. Let’s take a closer look at how your new lifestyle reflects this trend.

Less space

One of the most obvious changes you’ll encounter when moving from a house to an apartment is a decrease in living space. The apartments are designed with economy in mind, which means that the total area will be smaller and the individual rooms will be smaller. This could mean rethinking your furniture. On the plus side, you have a great excuse to go shopping and play with the brand new look for your new home.

Smaller yard

Depending on whether you see mowing your lawn as a pleasure or as a chore, this change can be a disappointment or a dream. For busy professionals or people with small children at home, avoiding mowing and weeding can be a huge benefit. Best of all, your yard will always look great - and you will never have to lift a finger. Plus, if you have a persistent green toe, you can still scratch off that itch with a balcony garden container.

Limited storage

You may have to take a close look at whatever is in the closet or drawer right now and decide if you can live without it. Some new tenants use this opportunity to get rid of the clutter in their lives, while others learn to love the world of storage units. Getting rid of the excess luggage you were carrying just because you have a place to hang can be helpful. But if you have things that you cannot part with, it is quite affordable to rent a storage space where your precious items will be safe and sound.

After moving from a house to an apartment, storage can be a great solution also if you are planning to move to a bigger place at some point

Your neighbors will be very close to you

When you live in an apartment building, you share many walls with your neighbors. This is usually a big change for tenants moving out of their home in a traditional neighborhood. In the house, you are not as close to your neighbors and you do not need to deal with things like noise complaints or parties. Choosing a corner apartment or an off-center apartment can help alleviate some of these apartment worries for new tenants.

Your rent can increase every year

Mortgages are pretty standard when it comes to costs and taxes. You know how much you have to pay each month and you pay for it. Sometimes it is easy to negotiate even renting a house from a landlord. But when you rent an apartment from a property management company, your rent can and probably will increase every year. This should be noted so that you won’t be surprised when your complex sends you a year-end update.

Consider community benefits when moving from a house to an apartment

If you’re not sure how to say goodbye to your house, some nice apartment bonuses can help you welcome apartment life with open arms.


Pool, jacuzzi, gym, and someone else who needs to take care of landscaping and lawn maintenance - what’s not to like? One of the biggest benefits of going from a house to an apartment is the resort amenities that many communities offer. Be prepared to take full advantage of these additional services. Public amenities provide an opportunity to relax, stay in shape, and make new friends who live nearby.


Living in close proximity to neighbors adds a lot of extra security. It is easier to recognize your neighbors and notice when someone else is hiding nearby. In addition, some rental communities have security guards or additional measures such as passcards or security codes to enter buildings and public areas. Ask the landlord what safety measures are in place when you inspect the property. You may be pleasantly surprised by the security measures you get for little or no additional cost.


Internet and TV subscriptions can be included in your monthly rent. The good news is that these resources are no longer additional costs. But these savings could mean you need to give up control over suppliers and packages. Be sure to find out what the internet situation is before moving in. Complex owners can get better deals on Pay TV packages by subscribing to multiple units at once, so they often choose one provider that residents should use.

However, some landlords are more flexible - you can still customize your own package with your chosen service provider

Regardless of why you are moving from a house to an apartment, this change can be exciting. Prepare to accept an apartment and find out what to expect by doing thorough research before signing your lease. After you make a decision, Authority Moving Group is here to help you with every aspect of your move. Contact us and schedule a stress-free move of your belongings.

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