The items you should store when moving abroad


Moving to a new town is certainly exciting. But that exhilaration pales in comparison to moving abroad. Once you decide to take this giant leap, it won’t seem like you’re moving to a new country. It will seem like you’re moving to a different planet altogether. Everything will be different. Cultures, people, landscapes. It will be thrilling! Not a day will go by without you discovering something interesting or meeting someone new. And even though you’re stepping into the new world of wonder and opportunity, there will be things you’ll have to leave behind. Depending on how long you will be away, a few questions will inevitably present themselves. Not the least of which is “What should I store when moving abroad?”

The simple answer

To answer the above question right away: Store the items you will need to jump right back into your life once you return. But to do that, your belongings should be stored in the safest way possible. Sure, some you can give to friends and family for safekeeping. And it’s a valid option. But these items will be mostly small or medium-sized at most. Unless they have an empty garage, room or a shed that can house your large items (or a multitude of small and medium ones) for an extended period. In that case - great! However, more often than not, this won’t be the case. That’s why you should opt for the best storage Boynton Beach can offer. It is the safest and most reliable option overall.

You won’t be able to take everything with you when moving abroad. Most of your belongings should be safely stored.

Declutter before the move

Decluttering is a great way to reduce the cost of relocation. And the amount you’ll save can be significant. So before you hire cross country movers Florida, you should take the time to get rid of things you don’t need. A good rule of thumb is - if you didn’t use it in the past six months, you don’t need it. Therefore - it goes away. A few different ways to dispose of unwanted items are:

  • Throw them away. Although this is the fastest option, it’s also the worst. Because otherwise useful items will go to waste.
  • Gift them to a friend or a family member. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Ask around and see if someone needs an item you’re trying to get rid of.
  • Donate. It won’t take much of your time to find a local charity that will be happy to accept your unwanted things.
  • Sell them through a yard sale or some of the online markets, such as eBay or Craigslist. It’s a great way to earn some cash and further reduce the cost of the move.

Excess items are out of the way. It’s time to see what should go into your storage unit.

Once you’re done decluttering before the move, you will be left pretty much with the essentials. Things you can’t live without, and that will be necessary for you to function normally once you’re back. These will be the items you will want to store when moving abroad.

Personal items

It’s often the smallest things that bring us the most joy. And the best thing about them is they don’t take much space. That’s why they are the first on our list. Things like photo albums, birthday cards, and other keepsakes are a great starting point when preparing the items for long-term storage.

Memories are the only thing that cannot be replaced if they are lost. Store yours safely when moving abroad.


Once you return, you will surely need somewhere to rest and relax. You will also need to store items such as clothes and shoes. So bed, mattress, and closet are the next logical choice. Sofas and armchairs also fit into this category, as well as tables and kitchen elements. Just bear in mind, if you’re storing most of the furniture you have, you will need to rent a very large storage unit. Or multiple smaller ones.


You might be wondering what clothes should you bring and what should you store when moving abroad. It’s generally the best idea to do some preemptive research on the climate of the country you’re moving to. You certainly won’t need a winter coat if you’re moving to Florida or Texas. And you certainly won’t be wearing shorts if you’re going to Alaska. Granted, these examples may be a bit extreme, but you get the point.

Exercise equipment

It is important to stay in shape once you return from abroad. Or get back into it. This is exactly why your bike, home gym, and weights should be in your storage. Health always comes first.


Always useful. Enough said.

A good set of tools will always find its application.

Large appliances

Smaller appliances, such as a microwave oven or a blender are easy to replace and are pretty cheap. On the other hand, larger appliances can cost a lot. Things that should most definitely find a way into your storage unit are:

  • Refrigerator
  • Stove
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machine
  • Clothes dryer

Electronic devices

Nowadays we cannot imagine life without some sort of gadget in our pocket or tech in our home. They became one of our basic needs. And a vast majority of them don’t come cheap. Items that fall into this category include personal computers, entertainment units, consoles, and TVs.

Word of caution: Electronics are sensitive to extreme temperature fluctuations. You will need a climate-controlled storage unit to ensure their safety.

Collectibles, artwork, and antiques

Aside from jewelry, these are probably the most expensive items you have in your household. And also the ones that bring the most joy. But same as electronics, they can be sensitive to heat and/or humidity. Which means they will have to be packed and stored properly. And the only way to be certain everything is packed in the safest way is to hire expert packers.

A bit unconventional last item

The last on our list of items to store when moving abroad is a bit unconventional. Mainly, because it’s not an item at all. And rather than storing it, you will be storing it away. It is fear. Moving is frightening all by itself. Especially so when you’re moving far away, out of the reach of your loved ones and their support. So lock it, throw away the key, and head into the new adventure with excitement and enthusiasm.

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