How to prevent moisture in your Boynton Beach storage unit


Renting a storage unit is an amazing way to get rid of excess possessions without actually getting rid of them. They are convenient, safe, and generally affordable. Especially so if you decide to use storage Boynton Beach that is as good as ours. However, even the best, most high-tech storage in the world cannot protect your belongings from human error. Storage can be climate-controlled. It can be exceptionally well designed and ventilated. But throw one moist rag inside, and you’ve got a one-way ticket to Mold town. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent moisture in your Boynton Beach storage unit.

Why should you worry about moisture in a storage unit?

Moisture can cause numerous problems. Health issues and damage to your belongings being the greatest of them. But you can easily prevent this nuisance. And just by employing a little bit of conscientiousness and tips that Authority Moving Group will give you.

Mold is a nuisance, but it can easily turn into a nightmare. Especially if left unchecked for too long.

Can mold be dangerous to your health?

The short answer would be: yes. Although, we need to take it with a bit of a reserve. To answer this question properly, first, we need to know what mold is. It is a type of fungus that thrives in moist and warm environments. It can be found virtually anywhere and can grow on almost anything. And even though mold spores are all around us at all times, there are usually not enough of them to cause serious health issues.

However, if they are concentrated in one place, like a tightly closed storage unit, for example, they can cause problems for people sensitive to it. So if your storage unit is damp, dark, and warm, it is by definition a fertile ground for mold to develop. This alone should be reason enough to convince you to find ways to prevent moisture in your Boynton Beach storage unit.

Moisture can effectively ruin your possessions

Now that we’ve covered potential health issues, let us focus on the material aspect. Because moisture can influence the state of every item you have in your storage room.

  • Documents and other paper items, photos included, are highly susceptible to mold. If you’re using your storage unit as an archive of sorts, dampness can ruin all of them, and in a short time.
  • Excessive humidity heavily influences electronics. Condensation caused by moisture can build up on the circuits. Which will, in turn, cause them to corrode and render them useless.
  • Wooden items will begin to rot if exposed to high humidity for an extended period. If you are storing some antique furniture, you need to be certain no moisture will touch it.
  • If you’re storing items made of metal, a by-product of moisture on them will be rust. And if those are power tools, they can cost a fair amount to repair or replace.
  • Clothing, fur, and leather items will be ruined if left damp for too long. Not to mention the unpleasant odors this can cause. Even if your other items are left untouched by mold, getting the smell out of them will be a pain.

As you can see, the need to prevent moisture in your Boynton Beach storage unit is real. And by no means negligible. Besides the possibility to cause you great financial distress, it can also cause you to lose cherished memories. And those cannot be compensated by any amount of money.

We’ve dealt with “why’s”. Now let’s see to “how’s”

Ways to prevent moisture in storage units are numerous. And easily achievable. You will, however, have to invest a small amount of time and money.

Quintessential rule

Never store anything damp or dirty. We cannot emphasize the importance of this rule enough. Because mold is quick to develop in wet and dirty clothes or items. And it is even faster to spread from thereon. Do not risk ruining your belongings. Make sure everything is clean and dry before you store it.

Be sure that your clothes are clean and dry before you store them.

Pack everything properly

To make sure your possessions are safe, you should pack everything in adequate boxes and containers. Needless to say, using quality packing supplies is imperative to avoid the ruination of your items. Of course, by hiring professional packers, you will be able to rest easy, as your belongings will certainly be packed properly.

Don’t clutter your storage unit

People tend to view storages as places where they can dump their stuff and forget about it for an extended period. However, what they don’t understand is that storage should be neat and tidy. And not only for the ease of access. But because your belongings need “breathing room”. By choosing the right size storage unit and storing your possessions orderly, you can drastically reduce the risk of damage.

The best option to prevent moisture in your Boynton Beach storage unit

By far the easiest way to prevent moisture is to rent the best storage unit you can afford. The likes that Authority Moving Group offers and operates. Climate-controlled, state of the art facility is a near-guarantee that your belongings will be safe. Even though this option is not the cheapest, it is certainly the best, most secure one.

Renting a state-of-the-art storage unit is always the best choice.

The second-best choice

This one is not as convenient as the first one. Mainly because it will take a specific set of circumstances to make it work. Dehumidifiers will cost you a bit of money. And it requires your storage unit to have access to power. It works by “soaking up” excess moisture from the air and storing it in its water container. Which you will have to empty regularly. Though effective, this method does require a bit of engagement on your part. If you’d rather store your items and forget about them for months at a time, you would be better off with some of the passive moisture control options.

Passive moisture control options

Do you know those little bags that come in the box when you buy new shoes? These bags are filled with materials known as desiccants. Their purpose is to prevent moisture from creeping into your new footwear. And they can serve the same purpose in your storage unit. You can easily buy them online or in your local hardware store. Just remember to replace the bags once every month or two, and you’re golden.

And a few budget ones

The last two options are the cheapest way to prevent moisture in your storage unit. And these are charcoal briquettes and kitty litter. Just open the bags, put them in buckets, and place them somewhere in the middle of your storage. Easy as that!

As you can see from everything said above, dampness and mold will be quick to ruin your belongings if left unchecked. And you can easily prevent moisture in your Boynton Beach storage unit. Either by using commercial or budget options. Both are effective, to a greater or lesser extent. And you should employ some of these methods to keep your possessions safe and secure.

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