Everything you need for your long-distance move

Moving is a great way to start your life over just the way you like it. That is just why you should do your best to make this move a great one. Having a good moving experience is easy if you do it right. But, to have a great moving day, you need to make sure you know just how to do everything right. Everything you need for your long-distance move is right here. Making sure that everything is done just right is not hard at all. So make sure you get as many helping hands as you can and start as soon as you know the moving day is approaching. You will do everything right if you try.

Everything you need for your long-distance move is here

When it comes to long-distance moving, it is not as easy as the local one. You need much more planning and forgetting to do something might have more serious consequences than if you forget something while having a local move. That is just why you should make sure you know what are the things you have to do when you are having a long-distance move.
Get a blueprint so you can be sure everything will fit your new home

The things you must not forget when having a long-distance move are:

  • Everything that you need for your long-distance move starts with making a schedule and keeping up with it
  • Declutter while packing
  • Make sure everything fits your new home
  • Get high-quality packing supplies
  • Pack room by room and use packing tricks
  • Disassemble the furniture
  • Take pictures
  • Make sure you hire a great moving company
  • Fragile things should be packed with care
  • Label everything
  • Pack an essentials box
  • Transfer utilities on time
  • Make sure your documents are updated
If you work hard enough and take care of your moving schedule, you are surely going to have a great moving experience. That is why it is important to plan everything and stick to the plan.

Make a schedule, it’s easier to control everything you need for your long-distance move

This is the best way to make sure you will do everything on time. Having a schedule that you can follow and even take notes of the things you have done will not just help you organize but also help you get motivated.


It can really do wonders for you. You need to know how to declutter before the move, and then get to work. Give everything you don’t need away, or store it for later. Just don’t move it to your new home.

Get a blueprint

Call your new landlord and get a blueprint. Measure your furniture and compare it. If there is something that can’t fit your new apartment, you should know it before moving it all the way to your new home. Imagine your greatest state to state movers Florida has to offer to get to your new home and realizing that they moved and lifted your huge couch and it can’t fit the livingroom. They will have to get it back to the moving truck and you will just feel bad.

Packing supplies

Your belongings need to be safe. Get the best, high quality moving supplies so you can wrap and pack everything. It’s a great way to make sure that all of your belongings will be delivered undamaged.
Get high-quality packing supplies

Pack room by room

This is really a thing that should be on the list of everything you need for your long-distance move. Always pack room by room and you will unpack much easier.


If you have a large bed or a huge closet, disassemble it. You will have to do it once the movers arrive and realize that it won’t get through the door. So better do it right away.

Take pictures so you know how to put everything back, and for insurance

When unpacking, disassembling and unwiring, take pictures. For example, you will rewire your TV easier if you have a picture of how it should look. Also, if something gets damaged on the way, you will have proof that your belongings were undamaged before.

Getting a great moving company is something you really should do

They can change everything. Getting some of the best nationwide movers Florida has to offer will make the move much easier, especially if you are moving far away.

Fragile items

If you have anything that can be broken or damaged, make sure you pack it first and use as many packing supplies as you need. Things like piano, that are valuable and can get damaged should not be moved by you at all. Get the specialty service and let the professionals handle it. You will feel much better and will not stress.

Moving valuable and breakable items, like the piano should be left to the professionals


Label every single box. This way, you can be sure that you know what is in each of the boxes. You will have no trouble finding anything you need, without opening every single box.

Essentials box

Pack everything you might need during the move and on your first day in the new home in one box or bag. You will thank yourself that you can take a shower without having to open other boxes.

Transfer utilities

This is a must. If you want to avoid spending the first few days in your new home without the power, internet, or outer things you need, make sure you transfer your utilities in time. Once you are done, you will be able to enjoy your home right away.

Documents are on the list of everything you need for your long-distance move

Depending on where you are moving to, update your driver’s license. Check your passport, ID and other documents so you know they won’t expire. Get the medical record from your doctor’s office.
Long-distance moves tend to be stressful and last a bit longer, and that is why something happens to get forgotten from time to time. But that is normal. All you need to do ti avoid this is to make a list and stick to it. You will have to remember fewer things and you will worry much less as well. So just organize and enjoy, moving can be lovely if you are good at it. Everything you need for your long-distance move is right here.

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