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No matter what, your pets are attached to you, not just your home. You are your pet’s caretaker, their best friend, and spending time together while organizing your relocation can work wonders. You’ll be able to adapt better and stay on top of things if you book our moving services Boynton Beach to assist you with the transition. You’ll be able to follow your pet around and learn what he’s getting into and where, if you rely on us. We advise you to start leaving your new house in small increments before the move to see how your furry little friend is adjusting to being alone! So no matter what you do, make sure you spend time together. We hope this guide to living in Boynton Beach for pet owners will also help your pet adjust to your new home!

Good news for Boynton Beach pet owners: Dogs may soon be allowed on the beach in Boynton

Do the long days of summer have you thinking about your pet while spending your time at the beach?

Boynton Beach city staff is considering allowing dogs on a leash on specific areas of the beach during less-crowded hours.


Boynton Beach is changing for pet owners because the city is looking into allowing leashed dogs on certain sections of its beaches during less-crowded hours and on certain days.

  • That means the city would join a handful of South Florida cities that allow dogs on parts of beaches, including Jupiter, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Hollywood Beach.
  • The City Commissioner Joe Casello proposed this idea. He asked the pet owners in Boynton Beach to work out all the details. Boynton Beach for pet owners is getting better. Now they will possibly have a section of the beach open on certain days or certain hours. For example, in the morning or in the evening, where people could take their dog down to the beach and enjoy the ocean. In a certain section, that is.
  • Hounds can be in Boca and Fort Lauderdale only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during certain hours. And the cities charge residents a hefty amount of $30 for an annual pass. Non-resident passes are $45 in Fort Lauderdale and a whopping $165 in Boca.

But this new lifestyle in Boynton Beach for pet owners hasn’t gone without controversy

Last year, Delray Beach rejected a dog beach trial run, because of their concerns about the waste that the dogs could leave behind. Pet owners who walk their dogs on the sand could receive a fine in the amount of $50. The decision upset many Delray residents. But seems that Boynton Beach has better news for pet owners. And Boynton Beach movers will now be busier because of this news. Many people disappointed in Delray have said that they’ll be the first in line to buy a permit. Allowing dogs on the beach will pay for itself, dog owners claim. But how great is this for the dogs who just love it?

The city might join other South Florida cities that allow dogs on parts of beaches, including Jupiter, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Hollywood Beach.

In Boynton Beach, Casello’s proposal has been met with support from fellow commission members.

Mayor Steven Grant has an Australian Shepherd named Daisy. He said he was in favor of this Boynton Beach benefit for pet owners. The mayor has had negotiations with Ocean Ridge, the 1.1-square-mile oceanfront town across the Intracoastal Waterway from Boynton. Both municipalities are working together to determine rules for beachgoers.

  • He said they will do whatever they can to get dogs on the sand. He explains his experience from Jacksonville Beach, where they had certain dog hours, and leash laws, and it worked out very well.
  • There’s still a lot of logistics to get through for Boynton Beach before pet owners can enjoy it with their furry friends. Some of which are leash laws and figuring out how to dispose of waste, Casello said.

Six rules of moving to Boynton Beach for pet owners

1. Get your vet records in order

If you are moving over a long distance away from your current abode, it is important you visit your vet prior to your long-distance relocation. Ask your current veterinarian for records that your new vet’s office has to request from you. They can usually easily print these out or fax them over to the new medical-care provider. But our experience says to always keep the former vet’s contact information on file, just in case of an emergency.

2. Update your pet’s tags with new information

It is essential that you update your pet’s tags. This should go on your list for gathering other proper documentation before the move. Include up-to-date contact information and your new home’s address in the new tag. This will be helpful if something were to happen until Boynton Beach becomes a new home for all of your pet owners out there. You should also include your cell phone number. This is best if your new home phone may not be set up yet.

3. Rules of relocating to Boynton Beach for pet owners: Manage your pet’s stress exposure

Studies show that pets can easily be stressed out during these big changes, so we suggest keeping them secluded from the chaos that can ensue on moving day. What we mean is that you should try keeping them in a separate and familiar room. Or, if possible, ask a friend or family member to watch over them while multiple people are in the house and items are being moved around. If you’re keeping your pet in the house while our movers are packing your home, make sure they are in a separate that. Preferably an area that has already been cleared out. Post a do-not-disturb sign to keep everyone out.

4. Remember to pack the pet meds and a first aid kit

While packing your house, be sure to leave medications and food outside of moving boxes. You could need them in case of an emergency. Instead, prepare a first aid kit. If your pet is on medications, be sure to get their bottle refilled before moving. And while we are on the topic of preparing a first aid kit, make sure you include bandages, towels and hydrogen peroxide in it.

Mayor Steven Grant has an Australian Shepherd named Daisy. He is in favor of this Boynton Beach benefit for pet owners.

5. Last, but not least when Boynton Beach as pet owners: surround them with their favorite things

Help keep your pets happy by surrounding them with their favorite things! You don’t have to buy new toys at all! Toys from your old home will be especially comforting and fun now that you are leaving that location and memories. Our experts at Authority Moving Group also recommend leaving an article of your clothing with them because your soothing, familiar scent will help them relax.

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