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Relocation can present you with many challenges. Let us put organizational and logistical problems aside, at least for now. That leaves us with the financial aspect of the move. And we know how moving can be costly. Especially if you’re moving on a budget and looking to stage an affordable moving to Florida. Therefore it stands to reason that this specific aspect of the move is, in no way, one to be taken lightly. Fortunately, our nationwide movers Florida thought of a few tips and tricks to help you cut the costs of relocation.

Hiring the right moving company can make all the difference

The first and always the best option is hiring a reputable moving company. Take some time to do the research. If you inquire about different moving services Boynton Beach can offer, you will surely find something that fits your needs. Affordable moving to Florida won’t present much of a challenge with the right movers by your side.

Even the smallest discount can make a big difference!

A great way to cut the cost is by asking for discounts or promotions when contacting your moving company. And most moving companies will, 99% of the time, go out of their way to help you. Even if it means they have to charge less for their services. With all that being said, we can safely conclude that this option presents the best and most balanced mix of reliability and affordability.

Downsize for the cheaper moving costs

Fewer things to move - the less the cost of relocation. It’s as simple as that. And this is especially true if you’re hiring a moving company. Since the cost of the move is in direct proportion to the weight of the items, it is easy to conclude that traveling lighter means traveling cheaper. There are three ways to do this:

  • Throw away the stuff you don’t need and don’t use. Although this will cut the cost of the move, it’s also the worst option.
  • Donating some of your possessions to charity is much better. You will get rid of useless clutter and you’ll be helping someone in need. Not to mention - it will make you feel good.
  • By far the best option, with which you stand to gain the most, is organizing a yard sale. The benefits of this are twofold: Firstly, you will reduce the number of things that you move, therefore reducing the overall weight of the cargo. Which means - cheaper move! And secondly, you will make some money! Needless to say, it will go the long way when looking to execute affordable moving to Florida.

DIY packing

After you’ve decluttered properly and got rid of the things you won’t be using in your new home, it’s time to pack what you decided to keep. Saving some money on packing is probably the easiest thing to do, but it might take a bit more of your time. And it’s only because you’ll have to do some footwork. So head out to the stores in your vicinity and ask for used boxes. Ask your neighbors for old newspapers. You’ll need them for wrapping and padding. Some of the supplies (packing tape, for example) you will still have to buy, but it will still be much cheaper than buying all of them. And some you buy, you will be able to re-use once you’re settled.

Asking at your local stores is a great way of getting some free supplies!

Another great way to cut the costs of packing is by asking around for someone that moved recently

If you got new neighbors, there’s a good chance they will have some leftover boxes, bubble wrap, and other supplies you could use. And in most cases, they will be happy to get rid of them. Either for a small charge or no charge at all. The latter is pretty common, as moving supplies take a lot of space. So go out and ask! No need to be shy!

Not the best option - but still an option

As a last resort, you can opt for using heavy-duty trash bags to pack your unbreakables. Although, we strongly advise against it. Yes, they are cheap and can cut some costs. But even the strongest bags are still just that - plastic bags. One nick and your possessions are exposed and left at the mercy of the elements.

Aks friends and family for help

Hiring packing services is always the best way to go. It will save you a lot of time and stress, as nothing compares to a perfect wrap job done by a trained professional. However, if you’re going for affordable moving to Florida, we understand this might not be an option for you. The fact that packing is a tedious and time-consuming process remains, though. Fortunately, you can always ask your friends and family for help. Even though they might not do the work perfectly - we do not doubt they will do it to an acceptable degree.

Be mindful when picking a moving date

A thing that most people overlook when planning a relocation is a moving date. And it can save you a lot of money! Especially on truck rentals and movers.

Picking the moving date with care. It will lead to cheaper relocation!

If possible, try to avoid relocating during the peak season. From late April to mid-September, prices of moving services tend to skyrocket. The same is true for holidays, weekends and the first and last weeks of the month, although to a lesser extent. Which leaves you with October through to May to plan affordable moving to Florida.

The new job is also an opportunity to cut the costs

If the reason for your relocation is a new job, you could use that to try and further decrease the cost of the move. Try and negotiate with your new firm. They might agree to cover the expenses of your move, at least to some degree. Undoubtfully, even a small financial injection can have a big impact on the upcoming endeavor.

And there we have it! As you can see, moving to Florida can be affordable and cheap. And we are sure you’ll manage to execute it without problems!

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